Random Thoughts and Gratitude

  As I sit on the crapper my thoughts go will-nilly sometimes. This morning I got the word “Kudos” stuck in my widdle brain. Then I thought “what the hell IS a kudo, anyway?”

According to the Wiki- World it ” means “fame” and “renown” resulting from an act or achievement.” Evidently kudos was originally singular even though to us it appears to be plural. Thus one can not give one kudo, at least not in the common English usage.

That made me think of other weird things like, “screaming meemies”. My grandmother had those sometimes and when she did, you had better watch out! While I think I know what they feel like, I was not so sure of the origin of the phrase so I looked it up. ( I loves me some computer dictionary!)

According to Slang Citya screaming meemie  “ was originally a rocket in the First World War. It went up into the air, came down making a loud screaming noise, and exploded when it hit the ground (or an unfortunate soldier). Needless to say, hearing one coming would make you pretty nervous!

In the Second World War, screaming meemie was used specifically about a rocket called the nebelwerfer. Its other nickname was moaning minnie (also from the sound it made), an expression which is now used in British slang to describe a person who complains a lot.”

 I love my new expression: “moaning minnie”!  I will definitely try hard to NOT be one!

      Meanwhile. I am so overwhelmed (can one be underwhelmed  or even just “whelmed?  YES ! ) by the outpouring of responses to my recent blog about my daughter, Birdpress’s wedding. It’s almost as if we’d had you all there with us to help celebrate the occasion!

So to all of my blog commenters, for being there to make the experience even richer I say:

award22(Feel free to grab this little present!)

 I only started blogging here at wordpress.com back in February of this year but since then I have made so many wonderful friends. I honestly think that you all helped me survive my divorce and you shared my sense of wonder and renewal as I learned how to manage my (fairly) new relationship with D’Bear. You laughed at with me as I “walked the Bob“, you celebrated my being “Freak of the Week” , you listened to me rant when I need to dump some crap about my ex, and you’ve made me laugh so hard at your crazy, wonderful views of the world that I’ve nearly peed myself (Thank Goddess for those Kegels!).

You’re all heroes in my book and I am eternally grateful that you’re all in my life.

14 comments on “Random Thoughts and Gratitude

  1. Awwww how sweet!!! You are the greatest and anytime you need to rant I can rant with you anytime I am divorced and a bit bitter still lol.

    Here is my new favorite saying recently feel free to use it any time:

    Holy crap on a cracker!!!

    sunnymom- OH, I lOVE IT! Holy Crap on a Cracker! When you care enough to say the very best,….that’s the one!!! I love ya! Right back at ya on the need to rant thing, my sweet!

  2. *sniff’l* dang girl, ya made me all teary eyed. For realz. So, my sayings are “Nervous Nelly” or “Nosy Nelly” and my favorite is “Mood-swing Mabel”. Weird huh! I am so glad to know you also. I wish I could give you a hug right now, but since I cannot squeeze you tight I can offer just this, {{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}} xoxoxo Girl.

    JQ- Oh, sweety, I felt that great BIG HUG!! It was the bestest! And I am so stealing “Mood-swing Mabel!!!” I have few mood swings but boy do I know a few of those Mabels!! hahaha!!!! Hugs to my sweet JQueen!!!

  3. We are grateful to you too! Thanks for putting up with us. 🙂

    teeni- I don’t feel as though I am ever just “putting up” with you. You bless me with your presence in my life. It’s TRUE!

  4. I love your readers too. 🙂

    I also love that you let me read your blog without censoring it. (At least not too much, from what I can tell!) But then, you and I never did keep many secrets from each other. We don’t need to!

    birdpress- ahh, so true! You and I are probably more honest with one another than most mothers and daughters. I know I could never have shared with my own mother the things you and I have shared with each other.
    I don’t plan on censoring my blog. What would be the point? You either “get” me or you don’t! It just so happens that you always do!
    (ps.- my readers like you, too!!)

  5. Um, thanks for getting the word kudos stuck in my head. I swear it used to be the name of a granola bar or something…now i am hungry.

    britt- GAWD, that word is so insidious!! YES! It WAS a granola bar! I’d completely forgotten that until now! 🙄

  6. the internetz is a wonderful thing!

    Who would have thought that we could have so many good friends from all corners of the world so easily!!

    bettina- so TRUE!! I am very glad to have met my Aussie buddies! So far I have Canadian, NZ and Aussie friends as well as the Americans, of course! I love it! Anyone from Ireland out there? I need to plan a trip!

  7. That must have been one HELL of a crap. I mena, I have had some craptacular craps before but I never gave my ass kudos for doing so. In retrospect, though, for some of the bombs my pooper has dropped have been quite amazing so perhaps kudos are in order.
    (generaly I have to censure my ass for the things it says)
    that being said
    it has been and moreover continues to be an honer knowing ya.

    Ozy- You almost ( I said ALMOST!) made me pee from laughing! Kudos to you AND your ass, you lovely, silly man!

  8. hahahaa! Ozy never ceases to amaze me.
    Yes, Kudos to your ass, my ass, his ass and of course the crappers.

    Red- ah, where would we be without our crappers? I, for one, would miss my muse! 😆

  9. Wow, such a lovely bride… Kudos to you for making beautiful kids. 😉
    And yay, I love my blogger friends too.

    suchlovelyfreckles- The Kudos are flying!! Thanks! She certainly was beautiful but I can’t take the credit. And she’s even lovely on the inside!

  10. Ya know … until until you imparted your research just now, I thought the nebelwerfer was called the “screaming meany”. I’ve known about the weapon system for 30 years


    Gadfly- stick with me, man. I am an ed-you-cate-or! I kinda like the sound of a “screaming meanie” though…hahahaha.
    Maybe I’ll really confuse folks though and just say I have the freakin’ nebelwerfers!

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