Here Comes the Bride

 My babygirl, Birdpress, is on her way home to get married! She and J. left early this morning from KY. She sent me an email at 2:30 A.M. saying there was no chance she was going to sleep so she was going to find something quiet to do so J. could rest. He’ll be doing the driving. She reads.

I wish I could read on long car trips but I get motion sickness something awful!

They’re leaving before dawn so they should be here by early evening if road conditions allow it. We had snow two days ago but the roads are fine. I was worried because this is what it looked like on Tuesday:

The view from my driveway

The view from my driveway

 We get SNOW here on the edge of the Poconos! Had it not melted due to the warmer surfaces we would have gotten around 8 inches of the fluffy stuff. It’s weird to see because there are still autumn leaves on many of the trees!

I am so excited for Birdpress to get here. Many of her friends from Kentucky are making the drive on Friday to be here. Most of them I have not met. She and J. moved there a couple of years ago so these are people they’ve know as a couple only a while. Some were J.’s friends from when he had lived there previously but now as friends couple up and marry it brought new people into the group.  So it will be interesting and fun for me to meet their circle of friends.

I’m also meeting J.’s family for the first time on Friday. They live in PA but way across the state from me. I can’t wait to see the kind of Mom, Dad, and brother  who helped in the making of this crazy, talented, intelligent young man. He IS crazy. He writes music:  headbanging, raunchy, and funny music!  He’s shy like Birdpress but once you get to know him, you see the wicked sense of humor in him. I think they’ll make a great old married couple.

 I made the centerpieces for the reception this week.

This was the first go round but then I thought it needs MORE! The tables are very small and food will be served family-style so great huge centerpieces were out of the question.

 I always have to get involved. WHY ?????







 So I made these floral rings to put at the base of them.

(Note that the apples are gone but they will be replaced. I got hungry! )

I couldn’t find pink sand for the bottom of the hurricanes so I used pink paste food coloring to dye it and that worked quite well!

This wedding is so HER! I love her colors. Her Bridesmaids dresses are Raspberry Pink and her theme colors are Raspberry and Apple Green.  And her cake is going to be amazing! It’s walnut cake with Maple frosting so it fits in with the autumn thing.  J. was allowed to pick out the cake flavor and I think he made a great choice!! (Hey, ya gotta get ’em involved, people! Whatdaya think? They’re only there to look pretty?)

I got a crap dress. I looked and looked for a fab dress but every one of them that I liked and/or looked best in was black, (I look great in black!) which I think is inappropriate for the Mother-of-the Bride to wear. I got a purple-y, some might call it plum, cocktail length number with a little sparkley sequin thing going on. Not really me but meh…. people won’t be looking at me anyway. At least not until D’Bear and I get out on the dancefloor and kick it! I got some great shoes, though, with spikey three and a half inch heels! I am redeeming myself with these bad-girl shoes!







 Today I must keep busy so that I don’t go crazy waiting for my little girl to arrive!

OK, I’ll vacuum..again! I’ll prep tonight’s dinner. I’ll dust..again. I’ll take a walk maybe.  AGHHH!

 I may be gone from here for a couple of days but when I return I will have PHOTOS!!! So don’t do anything on Halloween that I wouldn’t do.  **evil laugh**  Meanwhile go wish Birdpress a wonderful wedding. She would like that!

Love , You all!

12 comments on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. I’m so excited for you. I’ll never forget my daughter’s wedding. I can’t believe it’s here so fast. It seems like just yesterday that Birdpress announced she was getting married. I know you may not want to post photos but I’m hoping Birdpress will e-mail me a photo. I would love to see you guys all dressed up in your finery.

    Wow, snow already. It’s beautiful but I’m glad it won’t interfere with anything.

    I bet you’ll look beautiful in that dress and the shoes are gorgeous.

    The centerpieces are perfect. Simple is always better. But I think you have to quit eating all the apples.

    Have a great wedding day and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Joan- Thanks ! I am a bundle of nerves, but in a good way!! Like, I’m jumping up and down and I have SO MUCH ENERGY!!!! I hooped for a while. That helps. I am definitely going to post some pictures even if birdpress doesn’t like it. She is too beautiful not to share with you guys.
    Simple IS better, Joanie- you’re so right. I promise not to eat anymore of the apples till maybe Sunday. hehehehe

  2. OMG congrats!!! It looks like it is going to be beautiful, and you too. Love Love Love the shoes!!!!!

    I remember when I got married my mom cried thru the whole thing and kept hugging me and saying “My baby omg my baby grew up wwaaahhhh!!!”

    Cannot wait to see the pics. Have fun and I will try to keep the trouble to a minimum on Halloween at the parties, oh wait no I won’t it is my one night out LOL!

    sunnymom- You go get your bad Halloween self ON, girl! Thanks for the wishes and yeah, those shoes ROCK!
    She IS my baby, the youngest of all my kids and so, so close to my heart.( My big ol’ box of tissues is already in the car.. 😦 ) I’ll tell you all about it next week!

  3. I love the colors of her wedding and the flavor of her cake. I just can’t believe it’s here already! OMG – you could wear a barrel with those kick@ss shoes! You go, Trisha!

    I’m going to wish her well right NOW.

    teeni- I kinda feel like a barrel in that dress but I MUST BEHAVE for the wedding (I’ve been told.)
    HAHAHA!!! ME? Behave? Why, of course I will!! 🙄
    Thanks and hugs to you!!!

  4. oh a wedding how exciting!!!

    Loving the shoes and the apples and the cake sounds divine.

    Hope it all goes off without any stressful glitches (cos lets face it all weddings have glitches, but not all are stressful) 😉

  5. I love the beaded detail on the dress. It’s going to look amazing on the dance floor. Happy Wedding wishes to Birdpress and J.

  6. I just happened to be in the lower appalachians on tuesday and our route had t be changed as our planned travel path was snowed over. Friggin awesome it was. Added several hours to our trip though.
    Hope the wedding goes swimmingly.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding, I can’t wait to see the pictures!

    I just read four of your last entries, all so entertaining:) In my opinion, all your changes sounded like they were for the better. Even the name!

    And those blog lines you posted were hysterical — exactly what I find when I go searching!

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