I Don’t Get It…. But let’s have fun! French Maid!!

On May 5. I wrote a post called The Cleaning Lady. In it I posted a picture of a cute little French maid. Ever since then the stats page shows me search terms that people used to find my blogs and almost every day they look like this:

sexy french maid 4 More stats
french maid 3 More stats
sexy french maid costume 2 More stats
trisha drinking and dancing on the stree 2 More stats
trisha in t.shirt stills 1 More stats
dead french maid 1 More stats
french maid costumes 1 More stats
french maid costume

“Dead French maid”? WTF? Some sick bastard…

 So I thought it would be fun to try a little experiment to see if all it takes to rack up hits is the right TAGS!

For all you freaks out there who reeeaaallly wanna see French maids-


















And finally, one for D’Bear:

15 comments on “I Don’t Get It…. But let’s have fun! French Maid!!

  1. hahaha… The French Maid pics are priceless!

    Hugs woman

    betme- yeah, costume-$29.99, feather duster- $6.99, pics of ugly men- priceless!! LOL
    Hugs for you , too!

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t decide on this costume for yourself. Or for D’Bear! 😉

    birdpress- too cold for Halloween in NE Pennsylvania!! Hahaha D’Bear woulda had shrinkage issues!!

  3. ROFLMAO I love Sanders in the costume that is one for the books. I agree on the tags I did a post with a misspelled ad and someone googled porn and got me instead. Go figure.

    sunnymom- I am such a stats whore! I want BIG NUMBERS, dammit!!! 😆

  4. oooo they’s some fugly maids for your search engine hits. I get lots of hits daily for david boreanaz after some of our hot hunk thursday posts lol

    Bettina- Oh, that’s wild! I hadn’t thought of that!! Well, Boreanaz IS hot!!!

  5. I am right there with you I want bigger numbers too. I keep checking my stats all day just to see if they have moved any.

    sunnymom- it’s a sickness. I may have to have an intervention! 😛

  6. ha! Ages ago I posted that article on my old skittles costume. I get about 27 hits daily with people searching for skittles costumes. http://gwenythmelons.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/taste-the-rainbow/ Its my biggest draw. I have thought about doing an entry just like this, as an experiment with tags. Nice job!

    Lauren- LOVE the Skittles costume! I could help you fix it so you could wear it again. I sew.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ll be back over to see you again! Ta for now!

  7. I had to come by your blog after knowing you visit mine! I love those french maids 🙂

    kaylee- Hey, girl! Glad you like zee mademoiselles …er, um, monsieurs? Doesn’t everyone? 😆

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  9. Found you via Bettina also… pmsl that’s too funny, now I’m thinking of some exciting post titles to drag some traffic my way…. hmmmmmmm LOL

    Prizetastic- Welcome!! I looked and looked at your comment trying to figure out what pmsl stood for and then I PMSL when I got it! Holy Moley! That’s a new one for me!
    Go, girl, with the titles. Think of the possibilities : Spank Me______! or I Live for Lingerie, or ….. or….never mind. I was off on a tangent there for a minute.

  10. Ya know, I like the whole uniform trip and all well enough, but ummmm, “dead french maid”? I certainly hope it is a halloween uniform they were searching for because otherwise they need some help.

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