Freakin’ Out

Friends celebrating my victory, except for Joey, on the right who's just jealous.

 I am excited to announce that I have been named “Freak of the Week” over at Purefnevyl‘s weekly contest. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on! I had so much fun!

Evyl is an amazing blogger. He somehow manages to combine dirty-talk, lecherous thoughts and porn into the most incredibly erudite and entertaining forum around. I can say this: it’s NEVER boring! If you have somehow missed checking him out, I encourage you to go there now and I know you’ll count yourself among his many fans.  (Women swoon. Men Idolize.)

Anyway, a huge and sincere “Thank you” to Evyl for the title this week.( I may get a T-shirt made.)

7 comments on “Freakin’ Out

  1. I read your poem at evyl’s site. It’s awesome. 😀 I laughed my ass off. The title is well placed. You’ve got skill, I must admit. 😀 Great poem, quite visual. Lol.

    thesleepingwriter- Thank you!! Glad to see you here!

  2. It was a well deserved win. You rocked it.

    And after reading your praise of my humble little blog, I am blushing like a little schoolgirl selling her panties to Japanese vending machine operators.

    Evyl- “little schoolgirl selling her panties to Japanese vending machine operators.” Wow. There’s a market for that? See, I knew there was a reason why I’m not rich. I don’t see these market trends soon enough to get in on the ground floor, investment-wise.
    Seriously… I mean’t every word. You rock the blog world!

  3. awesome, my dear!
    loved the ditty you wrote!
    congrats you freak!

    Red- Well, thank you, my sista-freak! Glad you liked it! It takes one to know one!! 😛

  4. Congrats on kicking everyone’s ass, lol !

    Heff- Thanks, you perv you! 😈 I checked out your site and I admire your style! Wicked blogsite! Great music!!

  5. Your poem was great and Red’s haiku in her comment to you is cute – I almost didn’t notice! 😉

    teeni- Thanks! That Red is an amazing woman, is’nt she? It’s why we luz her!!

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