Pics to Make You Feel Good About Your Halloween Costume

  I think this was the weirdest Halloween party I ever attended.  D”Bear reaaaallly did NOT want to go because he hates dressing in costume…or so he said.  I helped him put together a simple costume that even he wouldn’t feel too awkward about -a doctor! I had a lab coat from when Daughter #1 was in school. She got me a stethoscope and a pair of gloves. We found a few accessories to round it out but on the day of the party he tried the lab coat on and uh oh.. it was too small! So off we went in search of a new costume. Rochester is a crazy city. You can find almost anything here!

 We found a vintage clothing shop that sells great old tuxedo jackets and D’Bear found the perfect one with satin lapels and long tails. We got some white hair spray paint and I had my face-paints and brushes. I think he kinda got into it!

 He came out looking like this:   

Of course this was taken later in the evening when some of the make-up had worn off but you get the idea.

 Every time he walked into a different room people shouted “Beetlejuice-Beetlejuice-Beetlejuice!!”


 When I got dressed I looked like this:




Not exactly what I had imagined but hey, it’s a costume!



Our friends came as the band Kiss:







Some other shots from that fine evening:








 So this is a trial run for me for Birdpress‘s rehearsal dinner on Halloween! It’s to be a Costume Party Rehearsal Dinner! Did she tell ya?     Oops! I can’t wait to see what she and the Groom-to-be dress as! Bwahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!  BOO, y’all!!!

12 comments on “Pics to Make You Feel Good About Your Halloween Costume

  1. Wow what a good looking bunch. I am going to a costume party Halloween morning at my daughter’s school then trick or treating (still dressed up) and then to a costume party at the local bar where the local disco band is playing. I hope they are as fun as your crowd looks. Wish me luck on just getting through most of it alive and awake lol.

    sunnymom- you’ll do fine! A Disco Band? I didn’t know any of those still existed. Thought they were extinct, actually! LOL
    Welcome to the Wacky World of me! Thank you so much for commenting!!

  2. You are adorable in these pictures! And D does look a little bit like Beetlejuice, LOL. Your friends as Kiss did a great job on their costumes. That devil with the ball-sack chin is freaky!

    birdpress- you’re not upset with me for talking about the rehearsal dinner? 😕
    Thanks for the compliments! Yeah, Mr. Devil was a wee bit disconcerting with that chin. “Ball-sack chin?” Oh, I hope he reads this!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

  3. It is official you are now famous in the single mom’s world

    sunnymom- I always wanted to be famous somewhere. Single Moms’ World works for me!! Thank you so much!

  4. Why would I be upset with you? I don’t care what you talk about here. Besides, I thought I had mentioned it myself. Did I? I don’t remember. Maybe I will even post pictures after the wedding. 😉 Are you two dressing the same way next week then?

    birdpress- I don’t think you mentioned a costume theme for the rehearsal dinner here. Glad you’re OK with me talking about it.
    Everyone would LOVE to see pictures of our silly selves afterwards. I’ll make sure to get lots of wonderful snapshots of the evening!
    I think D’Bear and I are dressing more or less the same for that night. Oh, except I am NOT putting on those black long fingernails. The glue is still on my fingers and I can’t get it off!

  5. Oh…I didn’t see the shoes the first go round…thanks to Evyl for pointn’ out.

    and the kiss memebers look great. I must still decide what I’m going to be this year. nothing like waiting till the last min.

    cowgalutah- I’m thinking you should go as a bottle of Coke! heheehhheeee!!!

  6. Great pics. I haven’t been to a costume party (or even dressed up) since high school. Looks like loads of fun. 🙂 I thought the same think as BirdPress (ball sack chin) when I saw the devil. 😛

    P.P.- Oh, he would be SO friggin’ embarrassed if he only knew what that looked like. I sent him copies of the pics but I don’t think he got the ballsack thing. LOL
    Now go out and get a Halloween costume and you and the wife can play…… get it? You don’t get a better opportunity than THAT! I’m seeing the Spiderman and a damsel in distress game coming on…. oooooohhhhh….

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