I have a Halloween party to attend this weekend with D’Bear. The next-door neighbors have one every year. We didn’t go last year because Mr. Bear hates dressing in costume while I, being the ham that I yam, LOVE it!

 I was looking for weeks for just the right dress to go with my black and pink wig and Goth accessories. D’Bear and I were in a charity consignment shop here in PA last weekend and he walked over to me holding the PERFECT dress. It’s a long-sleeved, black floor-length dress in LACE!! AND it only cost $10!! And the money goes to the local animal shelter! It doesn’t get better than that!

  I have face-painting make-up from last year when my oldest daughter, C. and I painted faces at a fundraiser for her church. I plan to paint some wicked “tats” on myself. I got long black press-on nails,  thick black false eyelashes, black lipstick and nail polish, a vintage beaded collar, f*ck me pumps, and I’m all set to rock the partay!

 I’ll try to get pictures, y’all!

9 comments on “OH MY GOTH !

  1. That sounds awesome. I may also be wearing a black dress and fuck me pumps on Halloween. I’m planning on going as the Olson twins if Mary Kate had partially absorbed Ashley in the womb. That is if I can pull together the outfit in time. I’ll be enlisting the assistance of my sister in law since I know nothing about woman’s clothing. I fuckin love Halloween!

    Josh- I expect pictures!!! I am trying to imagine that costume but the image escapes me! Sheesh! What an imagination!! Too bad you don’t live closer. Maybe we could share clothes.

  2. Wooooo! Look at you, sexy goth momma! Can’t wait to see the pics. I have a party to attend but I can’t seem to come up with a clever costume this year…it appears I expended all of my cleverness on my Medusa costume last year.

    Hope you two have a great time!

    2LD- Did you get pics from last year’s party? Share, Pleez!! I’m sure you’ll come up with something terrific. Remember…this is the one day a year you can wear ANYTHING and get away with it!! 😛

  3. I have always wanted to have a huge party and dress up all halloweeny. But alas…the deer hunt season is always in full swing for the holiday…not to mention that the old man would NEVER go for it. I hope ya have a great time!

    cowgalutah- YOU SHOULd ANYWAY!! You would be awesome throwing a Halloween party what with all the cool ideas you come up with! Just imagine a field-dressed deer hanging near the front door! Oh the horror!! 😛

  4. So cool! I’m going to Goodwill tomorrow to see if I can find something for my own Halloween party. 🙂

    Suchlovelyfreckles- I’m tellin’ ya, consignment and charity resale shops are a treasure trove of Halloween possibilities!! (Not to mention I find awesome everyday clothes there!)

  5. You know that is what I did not mention or show in the pics. I gave in and bought me some f*ck me skank heel. 4 inch and shiny black yes I know a little tacky but they are only being worn to the bar that night.

    sunnymom- 4 inch shiny black f*ck-me skank heels are the only way to go on Halloween. My boyfriend says that ” if you’re walking in them, you’re not doing something right!” hahahahaha

  6. Crap, Angelina looks far too close to what I really look like

    anja- Oh , baby, I wish I could say that! Well, maybe 25 years ago and pre-child-bearing, and well, maybe if I had more ovaries!! Sheee-it, girl. You do it!

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