Oh, the Horror!

It woke me up last night. It’s evil vapors crept out from under the covers, wound its way around my neck and face and tried to smother me.
It was sooo ugly! I could hardly breathe while it held me down, choking the life out of my still, unsuspecting body. I gasped and gagged!
It was several minutes before it finally released me and I could take a deep breath and then it had me again! Oh, the horror!!!

It musta been all that black bean salsa I ate last night. I’m really glad I slept alone!

hee hee hee………

11 comments on “Oh, the Horror!

  1. Is it wrong that I just burst out laughing? I think it is wrong but I make no apologies—

    My gosh, it sounds from your description that you created a wall of stench, those are the WORST because they tend to linger and torture- even the ceiling fan can’t break up “THE WALL”- – 😦 Sorry to hear you suffered, but it’s HILARIOUS!

    JQ- Heeehee!! My house sits very near the road and occasionally someone, especially this time of year for some reason, will hit a skunk with their car during the night. When that happens near my house the stink can actually make you sit bolt upright in bed and your eyes start to water! Makes even my blackbean farts smell like roses!
    Glad you got a giggle!!

  2. hehhe . .you stink butt, you !
    love that cartoon .. i have it on my computer and i piss myself everytime i watch it.

    Red- Stink Butt here. Glad you like the same nasty shit as me!! Hahahaha!!

  3. Thought I shold stick my head in the door and say G’day and what do i walk into? A noxious green cloud…fucking love it!

    anonymum- Hey, grrrl!! G’day to you, too!! Aren’t you glad you only had the virtual version of a green cloud? πŸ˜› It woulda knocked you on your pretty butt!! Whooee!!

  4. Great vid. Now you know what to eat to give a supreme Dutch Oven Treatment.

    Evyl- thanks! I have been given the Dutch Oven Treatment and would NEVER do that to someone with my bean farts! They might really die of methane poisoning!! πŸ˜›

  5. The wars of flatulence that occure in our home in the evening are of epic proportions. Mine are loud, thunderous eruptions that others may enjoy vicariously by way of the tremors I send through the floorboards. My wife has the SBDs that make repainting the room not only neccessary but allot easier as the paint previously there is no more. Ginger, our dog generally wins though. WHen she lookas at her ass we run run run away.

    Ozy- “The Flatulence Wars”….. I like the sound of that as a movie title…starring Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Ima Farter!!! *giggle*

  6. OK, women farts makes me disbelieve in their fairy loveliness LOL


    Gadfly- oh, no! You must continue to believe! How did you think we powered our little elf flight? Hmm? You think those fairy wings run on cherry juice and bon bons? Heck NO! It’s beans, my friend!

  7. Always a lady. πŸ˜‰ When you chose yourself out, you know they’re BAD!!!

    Spidey- That’s me! A LADY!! I thought a skunk had snuck in under the covers and didn’t like what he’s found! Holey Moley!!!!

  8. Hmmmmm, between this post, and the french maid post, I can’t believe I’ve never commented on *this* blog before. Thanks for stopping by mine. Yours looks pretty interesting so far πŸ™‚

    amandalinn- Well, thank you! And you’re welcome! Come back often…and bring friends…and presents!


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