Fed Up

 I started watching the presidential debate tonight but after  15 minutes of it I turned it off, fed up and disgruntled. I looked up the definition of the word disgruntled


displeased and discontented; sulky; peevish:  grouchy, testy, sullen, grumpy, dissatisfied.



That’s me, to  a tee!  I got my account statement from one of my investment groups and it chilled me to the bone. I lost what is to me a huge amount of money in ONE fucking month! The money I lost could have supported me for over half a year! AGGH! 

Why did we all work so hard and sock away money for our old age if this is our reward? Last year- YES! last year all the financial advisors were still saying “Put your money in IRAs and retirement accounts. Don’t spend all your income on today! Plan for tomorrow!” Bullshit! I should gone on a freakin’ round-the-world cruise, for cryin’ out loud!

  Obama and McCain were verbally wrestling and pointing fingers and swearing that they were the salvation of America BUT they would NOT offer a solution to the economic problems facing us all. They can’t. This is bigger than they are. This mess is so stinkin’ nasty our government can’t fix it. That, I believe, folks, is the truth and it scares me half to death.

 Here, Kitty Kitty!!!  Mama needs some o’ that Nine Lives! It might be dinner pretty soon!

Shit, I’m pissed.

12 comments on “Fed Up

  1. I’m not sure how to make it happen, not that this would be the fix all, but I think it would be the fix most… get the price of gas back down around $1.00 per gallon. BAM! Most of our problems fixed right there. Then all we have to do is start putting crooked jackasses in prison be the hundreds. Life long sentences. These are peoples live they are screwing up, and it affects everyone. EVERYONE, worldwide. This is big… huge. So… what do you think we can do about the price of gas? Any ideas? 😕

    Spidey- nary a one! OK, how ’bout the government releases some of those oil reserves till the price comes WAY down. But that’s just a temporary fix. Long-term? Dunno!
    There are so many greedy bastards directly and indirectly to blame I don’t know where to begin. I blame myself, too, for taking our nation’s wealth for granted and not being more involved.

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  3. gAH! I watched tonight’s debate, and when it was over, I felt more anxious than before.

    Now, I’m a walking ball of stress- quickly followed by “disgruntled” Right there with you.
    p.s. your Meez is cute holding da’bear!

    JQ- Everyone should be a “walking ball of stress” over this. (Not that stress is good!) It will affect us and future generations in ways we probably can’t imagine yet!
    (Ah, so you cought “the bear”!)

  4. You’re not cashing out now, so you’ve only lost money if you cash out. Sit on it, you’ll be fine in the long run.
    It does suck, but only if you need to take some out right now.

    Dobeman- I know the theory. But let’s see. How about you hand over $1000. to me. I’ll hang on to it and MAYBE I can actually get you more if you leave it in my hands long enough. But oops! I accidently lost half. What? I can’t help you right now because everyone is mad at me and they all want their money back. I can cut you a check for half but that’s it so just leave the rest safe with me, kiddo! Sorrrry! But you didn’t lose it! But you can’t have it. but . it’s . not . lost……right?

  5. I haven’t even taken a look at my investments. I’m taking the “If I ignore it, it will go away” stance. Not very mature of me, but I know if I see how much money I’ve lost I will just be a big weeping idiot and I don’t need that added stress right now. Gah!

    2LD- I hear ya! Mature, schmature! I feel like screaming half the day, especially when I turn on the news! EEEEGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You see, that’s why I stay poor. You can’t lose what you don’t have. 😉

    Okay, that’s not really why I stay poor though. I stay poor because Uncle Sam and Aunt Sallie Mae keep taking all my money.

    Birdpress- So shit on Sam and shit on Sally Mae, sometimes staying stuck in the slow lane is simply smart! Spending simply isn’t sweet if somehow you slip up and slide into the sewer with all the other poor souls! (Say this twice really fast!) 😛

  7. They can’t get anything from me because I’ve already got nothing. When my business finally failed because Wal-Mart moved into town I didn’t see anyone bailing me out. I just got in deeper shit and now I live with my daughter. Not that I’m complaining about living with my daughter. I worked my dumbass off for that business for 25 years only to lose it. Then I see they bail out some big company and all the key employees go to a resort and spend $440,000. WTF?

    Joan- Amen, Sista! I had Wally World move into my town too a few years ago. My business didn’t suffer much for long but it scared the bejeezus outa me there for a while.
    I could sure use some of that bail-out moola myself. It’s one dang thing after another around here. Bills, bills, and more bills, and they keep getting bigger.

  8. I felt exactly the same way. “can either of these chuckleheads actually fix anything?”

    It’s gotten to the point where anyone who would actually run for president is, by definition, unfit to hold the office >__<

    Gadfly- OMG. I said those EXACT words to D’Bear tha other day. I’ve felt that way since the last election. Dobeman and I were “debating” the candidates and that’s exactly what I told him. I mean who can argue that, right?

  9. Yep, I hear yeah. I have lost my ass. Instead of saving, I should have stocked up on booze and ammunition cause this joint is going to shit.

    Evyl- So true: booze, ammunition, and peanut butter. That’s all I need. Nothin’ else…just this booze, ammunition, and peanut butter…..and toilet paper! That’s all! Just booze, ammunition, peanut butter, and toilet paper…….and….. 😆

  10. to hell with that
    what is there left to fight for?
    a depleted toxic planet?
    that is why I took all my savings and invested in heroin
    see you on the other side

    Ozy- Oh, my hunka poet, if you’ll be there on the other side then I am truly looking forward to it. We’ll have so much to talk about!

  11. Ah see, you just proved the Conservative point that we (meaning the Conservatives) are best able to handle our money rather than the gov’t.

    Lest we forget, it was our friendly neighborhood Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, who gave us Social Security, the SEC and a number of other government entities who, to this day, reach into every American’s pockets.

    Just remember how mad you are when you vote and remember which party actually gave you a tax break the last eight years.

    Dobeman= Hey, you’ll get no arguement from me there! I no longer consider myself a Democrap! I don’t know WHAT the heck I am but it ain’t someone associated with big government! I am so sick of it all.

  12. i’m poor, so this doesn’t affect me any more than every other day.

    i can live on beans and roll-your-own ciggies for the rest of my life.

    Still, i am sorry for your loss of funds. i have to say, though, that this economic crises is beyond partisanship. Democrat or Republican- citizens are getting screwed.

    c- poor is a relative word. My funds are all I have to live on at the moment since I don’t have a job. I thought I could retire if I spent carefully and lived a frugal life. I just didn’t think I would be in the poorhouse when I was 65 maybe

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