He Asked For It!

The notorious and talented SpideyMan, aka Peter Parkour tagged me for a meme. The rules state that I must post a “song and/or video that puts a smile on your face no matter what kind of mood you are in.” Now I know most of those tagged have been very nice and posted music videos which absolutely make you want to dance with joyous abandonment. I, however, while still being true to the rules, have something a little more devious to post.

It qualifies! Every time I see this I get the giggles and I end up singing it all day long. I think you will, too!


Reggie Watts rocks da house!!!

Didja like it?

Thanks, P.P., that was fun!

5 comments on “He Asked For It!

  1. Very nice video choice. šŸ™‚ Iā€™m can just imagine you strolling along singing this tune. That thought alone puts a smile on my face. :mrgreen: Mission accomplished. Thank you so very much for playing along with my meme. Job well done. šŸ˜‰

    Spidey- awwww, you make me smile so many times when a smile is what I need. It’s the least I could do!
    Thank YOU!

  2. I’d seen it before, but the fact that it was your choice for that meme gave it a whole new meaning LOL


    Gadfly- Why whatever do you mean? šŸ˜ˆ
    Glad you enjoyed this one even though you’d seen it before

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!
    That is great…I feel like I missed the point of the whole meme with mine.

    I can’t believe that the guy could keep singing, I would have burst out laughing. I really like the part about it being like a bucking bronco.

    Cowgalutah- This Mama DOES dance and Life IS a Highway!!! You picked two of the greatest happy songs I know!! Love it!
    Yes, Reggie Watts is a sick puppy but I love him just the same. Hey, sick is as sick does, right?

  4. I’m at work šŸ˜¦ I did click on it and then quickly exited it out when I saw the work warning šŸ˜‰

    Shooooooot man!

    JQ- watch it later! It’s sooo worth it!! HEEHEEHEE!!

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