“Hospitalized for Exhaustion”

   What a crock of crap that line is: “Hospitalized for Exhaustion”.  If you Google it you’ll see people like friggin’ Amy Winehouse and Brittany-Fuckin’-Spears’ pictures pop up ’cause they’s SOOOOO tired. I know, or at least I think I know, that that’s a euphemism for “rehab”  most times but really!!

 I’m so tired.

D'Bear finally got some much-needed rest on Monday

 D’Bear and I had our garage sale last weekend and I’m still recuperating from it all. For three days we watched and waited for people to come in and either insult us or buy from us. Oh, yes, we made some money but no way am I ever gonna break it down to hourly wages ’cause then I will just be too freakin’ depressed to ever totally rid myself of all the crappola we’ve accumulated over the past thirty years.

  There is somehow still enough shit left in my 4-bay garage (@!#^#!!) TO DO YET ANOTHER GARAGE SALE!!!! AGHHHHHHH!!

     We did get a few interesting characters in. One guy told us a great story about the time he went deer hunting in PA and after stopping at a hunter check-point saw the Game Commission people frisking a couple of men. When the guy asked what they were being held for he heard one of the detainees say ” Hey, I shoota da deer!!” and looked over at the fellow’s car to see a large horned GOAT strapped to the vehicle, field dressed and looking silly! Seems Mr. Brooklyn-via-Sicily mistook a brown goat for the real deal!

   Then there was the gay man who after complimenting me on my taste in perfume (Victoria Beckham’s new fragrance) proceeded to flirt unmercifully with D’Bear!! Cracked me the fuck up until I saw he was buying up a shitload of stuff from said BearMan!!!

   Yeah, we made a decent amount of moola but I am soooo glad it’s OVER! The item I am most happy to see sold? The set of Crystal D’Arc stemware that the STBE (Soon-to-be-Ex) wanted but was too lazy to come get since it meant he would have to wrap each piece individually in order to get it home!  I told him he could have it but the deal was he had to come get it before the sale! I sold over $300 worth of lead crystal stemware for $60!  Yes, $60 worth of happiness!!

10 comments on ““Hospitalized for Exhaustion”

  1. Yeah, it’s funny how when one of us regular joes needs some hospitalization for exhaustion all we really get is written up in the police log. LOL. Sounds like your garage sale was a success in more than one way. 🙂

    teeni- there have been times I would have welcomed a hospital stay! Just for the chance to lie in bed and do nothing ! Yeah, it was a pretty good sale, all things considered. I was glad D’Bear was there to keep me company, that’s for sure! He keeps me..amused! 🙂

  2. I dreaded having my own garage sale but felt like such a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after finally having. It was such a freeing feeling. Our garage is STILL clean and we can easily park two cars in there- who woulda thunk it? I wish I could have come, I love to garage sale and it sounds like you had gobs of good finds! I’m glad you are able to widdle it down… it takes time, but once it’s gone, it feels sooooooooo good! Some man whore was hitn’ on your bear? Omg, I would have bitch slapped him! The nerve!

    JQ- I wish you coulda been there, too. There was sooo much good stuff but one can’t keep everything, right? Pretty soon I too shall have my garage back!! YAY!!!! I am really liking this letting things go and living with less clutter.
    You are hysterical, girl! I shall take a lesson from you and plan to bitch slap the next man whore who gets too close! hehehe 😆

  3. Are you and Bear Man moving in together? :o)

    Gadfly- HAAHAA!! It’s so funny! Whenever anyone asks us we both kinda shout “NO!” but the reality is we practically ARE living together since we’ve barely spent any time apart in two months. 😯

  4. Damn, I woulda taken the stemware
    my theory when it comes to yardsales is if it don’t leave, it was priced too high. making money is the icing on the cake for getting others to hual off our crap.
    GOING yardsaling is another beast all together.

    Ozy- SO true! I would practically have given most of it away just to get it all outa my house while some of it was terrific stuff I just don’t have the room for. I do NOT go yard-saling since the temptation to bring home more crap is far too tempting!

  5. When my kids moved into my house with me they just chucked all my stuff. They wouldn’t be bothered with a garage sale because of all the work involved. I know they could have made some money. They evidently threw nothing away that I wanted because I can’t remember anything missing. Though they filled the biggest dumpster they make 5 times with all the crap I had in the basement. I am sort of a pack rat. I have everything that I adore in my room. Sarah knew what to keep and what I would forget about.

    “Hospitalized for Exhaustion” Yes, what a joke. When I had pneumonia and had to be in a care center for 4 weeks I almost went out of my mind with boredom. It was restful for the first week but then I wanted out. I didn’t have a computer. I nearly died from withdrawal never mind pneumonia.

    joan– I would probably die of boredom, too, after a week but it seriously sounds attractive for that week! Nice that your daughter knows you so well that she could do all that and still you don’t miss a thing! Wow! I’m impressed! What a gal!
    I’m not sure I could abdicate that responsibility to anyone since I have so much stuff I love, but it would be nice to have more input into what to heave and what to keep. Nice to hear from a fellow packrat!

  6. Hopefully the gay dude didn’t make off with any used drawers. That would have been wrong.

    Evyl- No, he got no drawers, used or otherwise. Do people actually sell their used drawers? Yuck! 😯

  7. I love that you sold the stemware for $60…that is funny. sad, and a great deal for some joe, but really funny to me at 3 in the morning.

    cowgalutah- what the heck are you doin’ awake at three in the A.M.? 🙂
    Heck, it IS funny! It’s also kinda representational of my marriage to the jerk; he just never put any effort into trying to make things work! He had access to something (us) very valuable but could never be bothered to make the effort. Sad? Yes. But selling that glassware felt GOOD! Does that make me a bad person? I dunno. I still did the Dance of Joy when those folks wrapped it up to take it home!!!

  8. My dad was a garage sale junkie, loved having them. I hate our stuff, so now I steer clear of holding and visiting them.
    But well done YOU!

    Hayley- Howdy! Glad to hear from you!! Thanks for the “well done, YOU!” I suppose letting go of one’s things can be traumatic for some but I’m learning to love it! As for the “strangers rifling through”..yeah, that’s a wee bit disturbing.. yechhh!

  9. Congratulations of the successfulness of your garage sale. I keep clicking your meez, but she won’t wake up. 😕 Is she ok? What’s with rude people and garage sales? I hate that.

    Peter Parkour- She’s OK. Just very, very tired…. poor Meez….
    Thanks so much, Spidey! Wish I could make money like that every weekend but alas, ’tis not to be. I keep sayin’ I’m too dang smart to be this poor!!

  10. Man, just reading about your sale makes me sick that I couldn’t be there. I never thought I’d become the kind of chick who visits these things, but damn it’s fun to get a bargain! Your pics of NY and the parks there make me want to visit — or move!

    Pam- Hey, well be having another one next spring. I’ll be sure and give you advanced notice!! hehehe!
    Yeah, NY is amazing, from Niagara Falls to The Big Apple to the small towns and undiscovered scenic spots, it’s pretty farkin’ neat!

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