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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain and prop

Ok, since last weekend was all about drinking and eating and hoop dancing I ‘ve been thinking about that stuff constantly. In my last incarnation I owned a kitchenware store and taught cooking classes with some really good chefs. Food is and has always been a big part of my life. Some of the best times I ever had was after class when the chefs and I were finally sitting down and talking over the results of the class (and gossiping about the students!) We would get to brainstorming ideas or tell each other about some brilliant dish we’d made or eaten recently. I love cooks!

My favorite celebrity chef is Anthony Bourdain. If you have never seen him on his TV show “No Reservations” do yourself a favor and watch it! He is a decadent, chain-smoking, booze-guzzling, food-aholic and I am madly in love with him. He writes brilliantly too and my favorite book of his is called “The Nasty Bits”. Awesome stuff!






One of the things I enjoyed most was a vodka infusion our friend Becca in Rochester made. She had purchased two whole pineapples but by the time she went to use them in a fruit tray they were a tad overripe. Being the smart cookie that she is she promptly chopped them up, stuffed them both in a big old glass jar and dumped a load of vodka over them. She set them aside for about a week or two then strained it into a bottle, (saving the fruit for other uses) and Oh. My. God!

 This stuff is GOOD! Served ice cold in little liqueur glasses straight up, it’s the sweetest, smoothest stuff you’ve ever had! I was sipping this, imagining how many ways I could use it: over vanilla ice cream, blended with coconut cream or coconut milk and served in a Margarita glass with a skewer of pineapple and mint,or maybe as a main ingredient in a kick-ass marinade for pork or chicken! The mind reels!

Also, since the other neighbors are known for their outrageous parties and the gorgeous male part of this arrangement is famous for his Jello Shots I thought I needed to bring a dish that tied in with that theme. Since my darling D. loves Jello Cake I decided to make Jello Shot Cake! This is my original idea folks so give me some of the credit when you make it and everyone tells you how great it is!  All you need to do is bake a simple white cake from a mix in a 9×13 cake pan as directed. Let that cool down in the pan and then mix two packs of raspberry Jello with 1 1/2 cups boiling water. Mix well and allow to cool to room temperature or slightly above. Then stir in 1 cup vodka and 1/2 cup Chambord Liqueur. Poke holes in the cake with a skewer or chopstick  (I prefer a chopstick) and then pour the Jello mixture over the cake. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Before serving spread generously with Cool Whip.  It is da BOMB! Of course this is NOT for underage consumers…..duh!!!!

 Hope this enhances your summer get-togethers!! Yum!!

18 comments on “Booze and Food Stuff

  1. Holy Hell, this puts a whole new spin on cake. You are going to rake in millions (don’t forget me babes). Ha! Ha! Ha! LOL! I’m not too great at making mixed drinks, but the pineapple one looks mmm-mmm good. Someday, you’ll have to mix me one of those bad boys! xoxoxo

    JQ- sugah, I’d love to mix you up something wild and wicked so you and I could get a little sloshed and have us some crazy fun, talking and laughing and generally carrying on. I have a great deck with a maple tree over it for shade that was made for that sort of thing. Come on over!!

  2. Damn, I’m ready for some cake.
    Oh, and some vodka.
    though I’m a gin man myself.
    and “no reservations” is an AWESOME show. Love it. How friggin lucky is that, eh, get to travel the world EATING FOOD and drinking. Perhaps not with as much panache’ but I could do that

    Ozman- I likes me some gin, too! It’s my “summer drink” of choice. Some Bombay Sapphire, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, fresh mint muddled a bit in the glass and then tonic water. Served over cracked ice so it’s really really cold…oh, baby!
    Yeah, that darned Bourdain. He musta been a really good boy in a past life to have gotten that cushy freakin’ job, huh? I could do that, too!!!

  3. I want to join the party. I’ll just use up my extra 35 points for Vodka. It’s only 2 points a shot. The pineapples have very few points. I love cooking shows. I watch Anthony too. Notice we are on a first name basis.

    joan- Of COURSE you’re coming to the party! It wouldn’t be a party without you!!!! And when you next talk to Tony (as we call him in the biz) tell him he’s your date!

  4. Finally a use for pineapple. I hate pineapple! But I’m so damn tempted to sacrifice a pineapple into the Russian Giggling Juice. What a brilliant way to consume my Vitamin C. 🙂

    One needs vitamins, doesn’t one? I happen to love pineapples but you could use other fruits as well: peaches, cherries, strawberries, etc.
    May I steal that name , “Russian Giggling Juice”? That’s terrific

  5. Did I send you that book? It IS pretty great. I need to go buy like four bottles of vodka and just soak the hell outta some fruit!

    Oh, and who is this college-age acting person that has taken over my mother? I ask myself if I want her back and then it occurs to me that it’s not really up to me.

    Do we need to have “the talk?” You kids just make sure and make “safe choices” now, ya hear?

    dobeman- nah, I bought that book myself. You wanna borrow it? 😀
    And No, you don’t need to give “the talk”. I have been there, done that, and lived to tell about it twice! hehehe
    Glad you are concerned for my well being though.. I loves you SOOOO much!!!

  6. Nope… no donuts in this house. I hate those things. But the occasional bagel with cream cheese? Yes, definitely. Does that go with Vodka though?

    Why, of course!!! Vodka goes with everything, silly. It’s the “Little Black Dress” of drinks!!

  7. Wow. I think I’ve had the nonalcoholic version of this cake before but yours sounds WAY more fun. 😉 What a great idea your friend had with the pineapple and vodka! If you use them in some way, you will have to share the info with the rest of us! I have never seen Anthony Bourdain before (I hardly ever turn on the television at home during the day) but um, wow – he’s got a BIG prop! Maybe I’ll have to tune in and see what all the fuss is about. 😉

    Hi, teeni! D. used the vodka in a mixed drink the other afternoon. He mixed it with Coconut Rum and half & half and served it over ice and he said it was yummy! (I was at the wedding shower for birdpress so I did not get to try it.)
    Definitely go check out Anthony Bourdain! He’s is crazy, talented, and HOT!

  8. might be old news, but A. Bourdain is going to be in Rochester in Nov.

    nymama- NOT old news!! Thank you for letting me know!! I owe ya one!!! Yeehaw!

  9. What happens when you upturn a bottle of vodka into a small circular hole cut into a watermelon?
    Answer: A lot of people wonder why they’re gettin sloshed on fruit.

    Best part is, you don’t even need glasses 😉

  10. I love Tony – down to the bone!
    I met him at a book signing a few years ago. I have to say – I got starstruck and couldn’t say anything except “memm emm emm memee book?” he took his sharpie and signed all my books 🙂 apparently he understands gibberish.

    jamileena- I am SO jealous! I so want to meet Tony but I am sure I would be completely starstruck, as you were. He is one of the few famous men I would so “do” even if I had to lie like a dog to my boyfriend foerever and ever about. LOL!

  11. Oh what a picture! I only wish that I had taken that picture and not posted on-line but keep it to myself.
    I have such a big crush on him. I’ve watched all of his episodes “no reservation” I love his voice and his everything. I wish to meet him one day in person.

    kat- Oh, goodness! He’s MINE!!!! LMAO!!!!!

  12. I was in NY three weeks ago in the Grill at the Standard Hotel and Tony and his wife came in. I was so thrilled to see him in person. He looked truly gorgeous – healthy and relaxed. I had to shake his hand and tell him I was a huge friend. I am such a dork!

    Donna- I am so jealous! I have never met him but I am sure I would be the biggest dork ever if and when I ever do get that chance. I once “met” Whoopie Goldburg in a department store and my mouth dropped open and I was too tongue-tied to do more than grin like a baboon!!

  13. Wow that cake seems delicious! Yes, A.B is my dream guy, I love him so,even when I have to remind myself a 1000 times that he is married. I so want to meet him in person but I’ll be completely acting like a dork, my jaw would drop. I read his first book “Kitchen Confidential” and I’m hungry for more.

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