Someone You Should Know

 If, like me, you love anarchy and anarchists, or just plain ol’ Bad Boys, then I really want you to head over here and meet someone special.

 Josh is a true Southern gem and although he denies it, can write brilliant, thoughtful and most times hysterically funny blogs.

 His post today regarding crimes he’d like to commit before he dies made me (almost) pee my pants. (Hey, give me a few more years and I’ll admit to incontinence but not YET!)

 Say “hey” from Trisha when ya get there. He’s worth it, folks! Go NOW!

5 comments on “Someone You Should Know

  1. Aw, thanks Trisha. I’ve never been called a gem and an anarchist at the same time! you’re a sweetie pie, and you rock too, I’ll be back to read your crime list. 😉

  2. Josh fan in the house. 😛 He’s a riot. I’ve been enjoying his comments around the blogosphere for as long as I’ve been making my rounds, and it wasn’t until recently that I even knew he had a blog due to his name not having a hyperlink in the past. I got all ‘kid in a candy store’ happy when I found (asked his Canadian squeeze and she told me) his blog. 😉 Great taste, Trisha. 🙂

  3. Ha, yeah, being a dumbass I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken the time to put one in my name for a good while. Whoops. Oh well, shite happens. I think I fixed it now. I felt dumb as hell though when someone pointed it out to me. Kind of like walking around with your fly down and a tear in the seat of your ass for half a year.

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