Leaving La-La Land

Let’s see, since last I blogged much has happened. D. and I have spent all but a few days together, either at his place or mine. Last week he came down here and after spending some quality time on the mower proceeded to get violently sick and spent most of the next 48 hours in bed and/or near a toilet puking. My daughter had it two days before that and missed her first day of work in three years it was so bad!

I thought I’d managed to miss this one but the day after D. left I was sitting on my best friend’s porch enjoying a nice glass of Bogle zinfandel when all of a sudden I didn’t feel so good. I pleaded sick and left just in time! By the time I drove the few miles home I was sweating bullets and barely made it to the bathroom before I lost my stomach. The next few hours were horrendous. I didn’t know which end to turn which way! Luckily, as awful as it was, it didn’t last long and less than 24 hours later I was headed to Rochester.

 This weekend was our first anniversary of our first meeting. We celebrated quietly, just spending lots of quality time together, cuddling and making sweet love, drinking some good wines, eating some good food, chatting with friends, and enjoying the summer.

 On Saturday night we attended the Barbecue & Blues Concert and for only $3 saw some unbelievably great Blues bands and sat under the stars on a blanket rockin’ with a host of other blues lovers for several hours, just enjoying the music and the night and a cold beer. Perfect.





 On Monday we went to Letchworth State Park near Rochester and OMG, was it beautiful! Three waterfalls, views over the river ravines that made you want to cry they were so amazing, and the peaceful trails that took us all through the park which was enhanced by the stonework done by the CCC during the Great Depression.









Back to reality here when I returned to my home in PA today. The financial part of my divorce is final so I spent the better part of the afternoon arranging my finances, insurance, changing accounts into my name, etc. 

Later  I got to spend some time with my sweet grandson Cole. We rode the tractor out to the south field where we picked handfuls of ripe wild raspberries and he shoveled them into his mouth like a ravenous little monkey! I roasted a chicken with herbs and garlic, baked a couple of potatoes, steamed some broccoli and my daughter, Cole , and I had a good dinner together.It felt great just quietly enjoying my family.

Daniel remains in Rochester to get some work done there. We tend to focus so much on each other and neglect some much-needed chores at our homes when we are together so this will be time well spent even if it’s lonely. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other in a week or so.

Please forgive me for having neglected you all. I missed reading about all your adventures this past week but I needed the time away from my computer. I’m sure you all know what I mean! I will be catching up a little at a time and responding to your (brilliant) posts as soon as possible.

Love to all of you!

13 comments on “Leaving La-La Land

  1. Welcome back lady. Letchworth State Park looks beautiful. I’m sooo jealous. All the driving I do and I rarely get to enjoy such sites, unless they are right on the freeway. The Barbecue & Blues Concert sounded like a lot of fun. I’m sorry to hear you and D’Bear were stung by the icky bug, but glad to hear you’re both feeling better, and that your recovery was so quick. Congratulations to you both on your one year meeting anniversary. 😉

    H&A- thanks, Spidey! That really stinks! Too bad that rig can’t give you more fun on the road considering all the awesome places you must drive past. Love ya!

  2. I’m glad to see you back. I thought you went to Rochester and decided to stay forever. It sounds like you had a great time other than the icky sickness. The photos were beautiful of that park and a $3 concert under the stars sounded divine. Congratulations on your anniversary.

    Hey, joanie!!! Thanks for the congrats! I would never leave and not come back! I love you guys way too much!

  3. I think I’d cry if I saw those amazing waterfalls too! Did you take those pictures? Jeez! I wish I could go there. That’s right up my alley 🙂

    I’m sorry you were all sick, that’s such a bummer! Here’s to you all feeling better and congrats on your 1st Anniversary- you are so sweet Trisha!
    Missed ya too!

    JQ- No, YOU’RE so sweet! Thanks, girl!

  4. Your anniversary weekend sounds blissful.

    It was not too shabby! I am never bored or lonely whenever or wherever we do things together. He makes it better just by being there!

  5. The illness sounds horrible, but you made up for it with the weekend– how romantic and wonderful and sweet. The pictures are beautiful!

    It was amazing and yes, it was all that: romantic, wonderful and sweet! I am pathetic! LOVE- ain’t it grand?

  6. The waterfall looked tremendous. Bluegrass, beer, and barbecue sounds like one hell of a time.

    The three B’s ( don’t forget D’Bear!) !!!! It was pretty great.

  7. Seems to me…that D got violently sick at your house a while back too. What IS it with you up-staters?

    But I digress. Considering that I still haven’t puked from a stomach illness IN MY LIFE, I clearly have my father to thank for that!!

    (the one good thing that short feller gave me, well…that and my stunningly handsome, chiseled jawline…)

    Dobe- But don’t forget that I gave you your wit and intelligence! (That’s probably why mine is in short supply most times! hehehe) and you do have a mighty handsome jawline…..!

  8. There is some gorgeous Romanesque CCC work done in native limestone in the hills outside my old hometown in West Texas. Beautiful.

    Sorry about the nasty tummy virus.

    *crossing fingers and spitting, stamping feet and making any number of superstitious protection gestures*

    Gadfly- The park WAS gorgeous but it was even more amazing because of the stonework. I felt awed and humbled knowing the many hands that so many years past had created these works of art. The arched bridges, the curved stone steps and stairs and the even the stone picnic tables were all in perfect condition even after all this time.
    *hope the crossing, spitting thing is working for ya!*

  9. Hey, how did I miss this post? Glad you are back posting again, although I know you DO have a computer up there. 😛

    These pictures are beautiful! You two sure do have some good times together!

    birdpress- Thanks, Sweetness! Yes, we certainly do have some good times together. Life is short….and so am I! 😆

  10. Good to see you back here.
    I hate being sick… and I hate puking even more. So glad you’re feeling better again.
    Oh, and happy anniversary.

    suchlovelyfreckles- Thank you!! You are so sweet!
    Thank goodness I seldom puke ,but heaven help me when I do, it sucks!!

  11. Wow – incredible pics! I’m so glad you had some “away from the computer time.” I just had some myself and it truly is a wonderful break. But yeah, you do start to miss seeing what everyone is up to. LOL.

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