Off to Ro-cha-cha

I’m headed to Rochester tomorrow to see my honey. It’s been over ten days since I’ve seen him and I need my Bear! The three and a half hour drive is so easy now. I know where the State Police lurk, where the best rest stops are and if I get a craving for a milkshake I know the exit that I need to get me one!

It’s funny. He used to make fun of me for saying how much I missed him but I know he misses me, too. He always gets a little hyper, doing things he knows I’ll appreciate, right before I come up, like putting fresh sheets on the bed (we’re gonna make ’em nasty again quick!), stocking the fridge with my favorite beer, Amstel Light, mowing the lawn so it looks good. Those sorts of things. He’ll have a bottle of Champagne chilled and he’ll have some strawberries or cherries and chocolates to go with it. He’ll have fresh candles in the living room and on the porch where we love to sit at night if the weather’s warm. He’ll get my favorite soaps out and put them in the shower where I can reach them. He’ll hang a pretty pink towel and washcloth on the towel bar for me. He’ll even clean the toilets!!! What a man!!! Can you see why I love him?

I spent thirty years with a man I cared about but never did he make me feel so cherished as I do now with D. Thirty years of wishing for attention, a little time, a sign that I was the most important thing in his life. It never happened. He wasn’t capable of that. It makes me appreciate the wonderful relationship I have now even more. I will never live the way I did before, in a cold and dead marriage with someone for whom I have nothing in common. Life is too short and I am too old to live that way even one more day.

Damn! I can’t wait for tomorrow……..

14 comments on “Off to Ro-cha-cha

  1. Doesnt it feel good to feel cherished?!! I love that feeling. And Im so glad you get to experience that . . it’s so nice.

    Cherished– Yes, Red, that’s exactly it! I feel cherished, finally! Thanks, my friend, for the nice words. (I loved that song, too, “Cherished” by The Association. Ahhh, the good old songs…)

  2. How awesome that he does those things for you! That is a really special man you found there, but you seem to have figured that out on your own. 😉

    Have fun in Rochester and drive safely!

    Thanks, BabyGirl ! I’m on my way in 15 minutes. Rain is falling and I don’t enjoy driving in the rain but then what the heck. I’m on my way to see my sweet D’Bear (Thanks, Parkour for that title!)

  3. Oh, man. Think I’ll print this out for my guy. I don’t ask for much, and what I need doesn’t cost a dime. He needs to get on the same page. Have fun with your bear 😉
    Much love, and have a great weekend and a SAFE TRIP!!

    JQ- it’s always true that the things we need have no monetary value, like kindness, loyalty, friendship, caring, and love. I never had it before. This feels really good!
    Much love to you, too! Hope you make your weekend a good one.

  4. Trisha, I know exactly what you mean. I busted my rear for years trying to make the ex happy. But, it was all one sided. It is wonderful when it goes both ways!

    Have a fantastic time.

    Thanks, betme, we both wasted too much time. It’s good we found out while we can still have some great years ahead of us. Have a great weekend !

  5. Hey, I’m a pessimist by nature, so here’s my 2 cents’ worth:

    Remember, it’s only this good because you live so far apart.

    Despite all the “Oprah Talk” in the world, when you’re together all the time, LIFE gets in the way. Sure, we all get complacent, but it’s impossible to stay “thoughtful” on a regular basis.

    (And I only say this because you’re so happy now and I know you’re about to have to make some tuff decisions regarding living arrangements and I don’t want you making a decision based on how things are “Right now, in the situational context of your curent relationship.” Because things will/do change.)

    But I want you to be happy.

    …naked on the back porch indeed!

    Dobeman- thanks for the thoughtful advice. I understand exactly what you’re saying. I have no intention of changing things so much that it gets to that point. But in the meantime I AM enjoying something I have never had before and it’s so good. I am happy, Baby Boy. Thank you.

  6. Oooo…I am so, so, so very happy for you! It’s absolutely the best thing to feel cherished. I, now, can relate as my dear prince charming is the kindest man I’ve ever met. I wait anxiously for every word that will come from his lips because his words are the kindest, most endearing that I’ve ever heard (oh crap, I’m getting all sappy).

    We deserve the best, dammit!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend…be safe!

  7. long distance drives do give you the chance to reflect upon your life and spend time with yourself for a while…I enjoy them…

    as in the hectic days that we have ….we never get a chance to change something or improve something…long drives are a good thing in that way…

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