Sexy Hunks ?

Since I was too busy on Hot Hunk Thursday to post some beautious men for us I thought I’d give us something to smile about on a funky cloudy Monday.

I Googled “sexy men” , “hot hunks”, even “funny sexy men” and you know what image kept popping up? Are you ready? If you are holding hot coffee now, put it down. I wouldn’t want the shock to cause you to hurt yourself.









(Sorry the image is f*cking not centered but looks like WordPress has taken away my “edit image” icon and I’m pissed!)

So, girls, whaddaya think?

He doesn’t do it for me!

So I decided to head for the gold and give you Monday’s real man-of-the-day:

Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy!


Ooooooo, Baby!!  Have a great Monday. my friends!

8 comments on “Sexy Hunks ?

  1. Ok, I just puked in my mouth a little bit. Gah! What are you trying to do to us, girl??? Eek.

    Sorry, 2LD! I tried to make it up to you with Justin. Did you like him a little bit or was the shock of picture #1 too much for you? 😛

  2. My eyes! My pretty little eyes!

    You know who is funny- and therefore hot- in my book?

    Jack Black. i dig him.

    Does Jack Black know he’s a sexual icon for you girls? Sheesh! 😀

  3. Hahaha…no, Trisha, Justin didn’t do it for me…he’s almost TOO pretty. I like my men rugged, kinda bad ass, and definitely humorous. I’m with c on Jack Black!! But thanks for trying.

    Ok, 2LD, I will try harder next time to find you someone you WILL like! Give me time to put my thinking cap on. I just can’t help it. I LIKE Justin!! Jack Black? Really? Granted he’s funny as shit but sexy? THAT I don’t get…

  4. Please tell c that Jack Black is already very much taken, by ME.

    Ouch, my eyeballs hurt from the disinfectant I has to use on them. Ewwww.

    Hay, I warned ya, didn’t I? Sorry ’bout the eyes, girl.

  5. Don’t worry guys.
    Jack seems like a guy who’d have to be shared. i’m a scrapper, but i can’t fight a mob. 🙂

    Aside from my huzzy (tee hee) the type of men i find attractive are those that look like they’d be driving a city bus, or riding in it, waiting in line at the bank or possibly robbing it.

    Bus Driver: Mos Def
    Riding the bus: Jack Black
    Standing in a Bank Line: Stephen Colbert or John Stewart
    Robbing the bank: Robert De Niro, especially Taxi Driver De Niro.


    Okay, c- they’re all yours! (Except you have to fight Hay for Black!) I’ll be over here ogling the “pretty boys” !! 😯 Love ya, darlin’!

  6. You did good. I lost weight on that one because I didn’t finish my supper. Took my appetite right away. I’m going to put his photo on the fridge.

    Bwaaahahaha!!! A new weight loss gimmick!! He does that to all of us, bless his heart!!! 😛

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