This is something I wrote months ago in the early part of our courtship (D. and I) . I love that word: courtship.


 My Arrival

I arrive early and catch him by surprise.
His face is wet with beads of sweat.
He looks up when I arrive and I can see
A look of desparation. He did not expect me so soon.

My confidence wanes and I fight the urge
To think he regrets the invitation.
He just wants everything to be perfect.
I recognize the feeling. It echoes off those
lonely walls.

He says very little. I get no music, no grand gesture
Until he smiles and then the air becomes rich
With unsung songs that touch me way down deep
and low.

He takes my hand and pulls me close
And suddenly it is right and ripe and ready.
The moment becomes redolent with musk
And sweat and lust and love. I cannot breathe just now.

8 comments on “Early

  1. Oh Lord, I haven’t felt that way in so long and it is just recently that I admit that to myself. I always thought I didn’t need anyone in my life but I am having second thoughts as I lose the weight. Maybe someday I will feel that again.

    That was beautiful. I am happy to have read it and happy that you have those feelings toward someone.

    joan- Thanks for the nice comment. You WILL feel that way again. I just know it! I know everything!!

  2. Wow-we-wow. That was stupendous! You’ve captured the feeling brilliantly with your words.

    I am looking forward to the day that I feel that way again. You give me hope, girl! Thanks!

    (Blushing) Love the wow-we-wow! I thank you SO much.
    Keep the faith, 2LD!!

  3. Ooooh! That is niiice! Made me all tingly.

    Red- and every word of that is true.It made me all tingly , too! (Not the poem. The event!) Thank you!

  4. “I recognize the feeling. It echoes off those
    lonely walls.” Ah, good stuff, mmmm…..

    JQ- Funny how he and I are so much alike. I really do get inside his head and he gets inside mine. It’s spooky….but good-spooky.

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