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 Well, the Music Festival was interesting.

  I think there were maybe 10 women there my age or older. Either that or they look really young here in Rochester! I saw plenty of “mature” men….seemingly out on the prowl Friday night. Lots with bald heads and earrings. Some with tattoos looking (or wanting to look) like badasses.

 Mostly it was a twenty-something crowd with a fair percentage of 30-ish people. The dress-code of choice for the youngest women seemed to be “Street-walker” and for the youngest of the men it was cargo pants or what I thought looked like swim trunks…I could be wrong about that. The rest of the women seemed to prefer skirts or sundresses so I blended in nicely in my cotton skirt and Tee.

As we walked to the festival, about a mile and a half from the house we thought it strange there were so few people headed that way. That is until we got really close. Then we realized were just late to the party! Holy Moley!

Remember, it was 97 degrees that evening and I had already walked a mile and a half when we arrived. The beer tents were selling crap beer for $5 a cup but it seems to be mandatory to be seen holding one so we all got our cup of Rolling Rock. Within 10 minutes it was piss warm and undrinkable.

 D. and Becca and I went down to Salinger’s Pub for a better drink and cute, perky Becca sweet-talked the bartender into making us some real drinks…cheap! (She’s a good flirt.) So we did get a little buzz on. The music was good if a liitle hard to hear since they put the bands too close together. I thought I might have heatstroke at one point but somehow managed to have a great time with everyone.

I liked the rest of the weekend better.  Hot nights. Hot damn! <she smiles>

12 comments on “Dancing Me

  1. Sounds like you managed to have a great time even though it was hotr’ than a crotch out there. Yuck. I did watch the video above and strangely found myself laughing, “Don’t you want to play with my fun bags?” OMG, LOL! I have never seen her before but that is funny stuff, right up my alley! I don’t know how you ever come up with it, I have watched all of your videos! GREAT JOB TRISHA! Glad you got out with your guy, your flirty friend *bonus drinks* and got your buzz on! It’s so fun to do that every so often; I need to do that more often (what am I talking about?)

    JQ –LOL-“hotr’ than a crotch” !! Good one! That character you just saw is Ms. Bunny Swan, (aka Alex Borstein) of MadTV. Ms. Swan was, according to the producers, based on Bjork, but Ms. Swan’s character has professed to many nationalities. She’s one of my favorite TV characters of all time. I wish she was back!

  2. Kudos for you guys for braving the heat!
    And I always found Rolling Rock a bit bitter for my tastes, even though it isn’t an Ale, but warm…aaargh!

    dobeman- when I say it was undrinkable, I realllllly mean it. Luckily I didn’t have to since most of mine got thrown all over me when some guy in hurry rammed me and knocked the cup up in the air!!

  3. Yay for drinking and music and fun in the heat. I absolutely love that video clip. Ms. Swan is one of my favorite characters!

    teeni- it was fun in spite of itself!! I loved the people-watching especially! Glad you liked the clip! 😀

  4. I have never seen the Miss Swan character but that video was hilarious.

    I could not have survived 97 degree heat but I’m glad you had a good time anyway. I certainly got my buzz on this weekend.

    joan- The heat was pretty intense! I was “glowing”! hahahaha So what gave you your buzz, dahling? Tell Trisha!!!!

    oops! I found out what gave you your buzz, joan! Happy Birthday!! Rum and cake…ooo, yummy together!! You look maaaahvelous!

  5. I too am a big fan of Miss Swan. I’m also glad to hear of your fun time out and your HOT time in. 😉

    Spidey- “you look-eh like-eh man!” It’s a hot time in the summertime…… 😀 😀 😀

  6. I remember you doing your impression of Ms. Swan. I think of you every time I see her.

    Now, Dear Mother, I am beginning to think I was adopted. It took you TEN MINUTES to finish a beer?! 😮

    birdpress- sorry to inform you, you are the flesh of my flesh. You get to inherit all the good AND the bad characteristics of moi!!!YES, crappy beer takes longer to ingest if you’re spoiled, as I am! 😯

  7. ALL beer tastes crappy, doesn’t it? If I remember correctly, it used to taste better ice cold and after my tongue was already numb. 😉

    birdpress- I have developed quite a taste for beer but I hate the calories so I now drink Amstel Light thanks to your sis introducing me to that danged expensive stuff! (whew- run-on sentence!)

  8. “The dress code of choice…seemed to be ‘Street Walker'”. Shit, is Rochester turning into Ho Town?

    You brave woman, you. I would definitely have to have a pre-concert buzz in order to get me anywhere near a mass of people in that heat.

    Glad you had a great weekend. Hot diggity damn!

    2lazydogs- not sure about the whole of Ra-cha-cha but the part of it that goes to festival does indeed appear quite Ho-ish! Yes, I started the buzz earlier…of course, silly!

  9. You had a beer that lasted long enough to get warm. How does that feel?

    Yeah, Evyl, go figure. But remember, it was a Rolling Rock! And I was moving to keep from getting squished!!

  10. Hahaha… Ms Swan is one of my favorite MadTv characters.

    Don’t ya just hate when the beer gets warm? I had that problem at OysterFest. grrrr…

    I am sure you held your own with the young-streetwalker looking chickies. Hotness never fades and does not need to be slutified to be appreciated.

    Ah, betme, you sweet-talkin’ thang, you. AND OMG, OysterFest?? Can I go?? I LOVE oysters!!!! Raw, on the half shell, ice cold with either Grey Goose straight from the freezer or a really good beer!

  11. Sounds like we should hear about the rest of the weekend 😉

    I think it was hotter there than it was here o_O

    Gadfly- I would have to change my blog to XXX-rated if I shared all the juicy details…… 😉

  12. I have never put the Grey Goose in the freezer???? What am I missing here?

    As for Oysterfest; Yes! Yes! Yes! Come to Texas and help us celebrate. It is held the first weekend in March every year in Fulton/Rockport, TX

    We manage to each eat a couple dozen or so. They pull them fresh off the boats and crack them open for you right under the big tents… serve them up with crackers, horse raddish, lemon, cocktail sauce, tabasco… (all your choice) and plenty of cold beer on tap.

    And of course some local (almost) talented bands playing. With enough beer and oysters, they all sond good.

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