Off to the North

 I am headed off to Rochester in a few hours to spend the weekend with D. We’re looking forward to tonight because we’re going to the East End Music Festival there!

Having lived in such a rural area for so many years I love getting into the cities occasionally for things like this! There will be twelve bands on five stages and the price is right…$3.00 ! So we’re gonna walk over (it’s only about 1 1/2 miles from D.’s house so we can drink a few beers, listen to some good music and still make it home safely. I am half expecting that the warm weather will bring some thunderstorms but with temps in the 90’s that wouldn’t be unusual!

 Meanwhile I have been practicing my dance moves. I was getting particularly good at “Washing the Laundry” but I think I sprained something. LOL – Go to my VODPOD panel and check out “How to Dance at Raves”! 

 On Saturday or Sunday we plan on getting some hiking in. Nothing too strenuous or demanding but a little pre-Adirondack jaunt to get those muscles shaping up again. I am the proud owner of a new pair of good hiking boots courtesy of D. who also bought me a very nice women’s backpack. The one I used last year doesn’t really fit my short frame so I am happy to get one designed for someone more my size!

 I was just saying to D. that I haven’t had time to get on my bike or in my kayak yet this spring! I never seem to have enough time to do everything I need AND want to do. Between running back and forth to Rochester, mowing 8 acres of fields about twice a month, doing the gardening here, and trying to make time for friends and family, well,.. you get it!

  So have a lovely weekend, my fellow bloggers! If I don’t check back in the next couple of days (I’m gonna try!) then I will be back to chase you all down on Monday!


14 comments on “Off to the North

  1. It sounds like you have a great weekend coming up. The concert sounds awesome and only $3.00. Rochester’s not that far from my son in Buffalo. I should tell him about it. He and his girl love concerts and he could actually afford the $3.00 though I don’t know if he could afford the gas.

    Joan- it’s still a deal even with the cost of the gas! Tell him if he goes to look for the crazy blonde dancing like she’s 20-years-old even though she’s WAAYYY past 20!! LOL !

  2. Have an awesome weekend, Trisha! Be safe and have fun!

    Thanks, Teeni, I will! So what are you doing this weekend?

  3. Have a great time this weekend, Trisha! I’ll be thinking about you drinking beer and dancing like a 20 yr. old. (I’m jealous…can you tell?)

    @ Joan – your son lives in Buffalo??? That’s only about 60 miles from me. Small world.

  4. Ok, just checked out said video snippet and was LOL hysterically- how bizarre. My personal fav is “Washing the Laundry” (intense version of course). I’m definitely going to test that one out later on today! It’s a haut bad ass move. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 😉

  5. Bunny and I loved your Wal Mart warning, cracked us up. As I’m posting this comment you’re probably already enjoying a wonderful weekend. I hope that’s the case. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in the week to come. Catch you later, Trisha. Take care. 😉

  6. That WalMart ad is HI-larious! It sucked me in and made me laugh out loud.
    I have yet to get on my bike either – mainly because our weather has decided to cling to the cool side and rain, rain, rain. But once I hit that road, man, I’m gone.

  7. Ah, and I just got back from my vacation! Guess I’ll wait a few days before callin!

    Or better yet, you call me when you get back.

    Speakin’ of which, when are you coming?

  8. I thought you had written $300.00 until I read Joan’s comment. 3.00 sounds so much nicer.

    I am just getting caught on on blogs and… of course you have already experienced this. So, it would be silly to say “Have a great time.”

    So how about I just ask for the juicy details. 😉

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