It IS Hot!

Yep! You know what day it is !  Hot Hunk Thursday!  

(Birdpress- doesn’t this guy look like your cousin Billy? Ewwww……………………………….!)

My pick for today is, as always, inspired by the brilliant and talented Anja who lures me  ( ’cause I wanna see pics of nearly nekkid men) to visit her site every week to see her selections.  She has exquisite taste!

Today I chose Josh Holloway. I do not watch Lost. My oldest child thinks this is the best TV show EVER but I just find it terribly annoying. Please do not write me to tell me why I’m wrong about that. I don’t care that you think it is a brilliant show and that the acting is the best you’ve ever seen and blah blah blah. I get confused, all right????!!!

I just like looking at Josh Holloway. Period.

I bet Widdleshamrocks has something equally sexy at her place! She always does!

And here he is, my faithful Hunk followers.

Do you like?



And if there are women out there who get turned on, as do I, by men who are a little more, shall we say, “mature”  I have chosen for your viewing pleasure my next choice morsel.

James Nesbitt.

This is the beautiful sexy-pants Irish Actor who so brilliantly portrayed Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in the BBC production of “JEKYLL”.


Ahhhhhhh…… handsome and so SEXY!!!



                                                   Nesbitt as Hyde →


Not the best picture but soulful, no?




And then you get to see his silly side.

Hope you enjoyed today’s little interlude!! I know I’m dreaming of being on a beach with Josh Holloway on one side of me and James Nesbitt on the other side.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….yumm.

11 comments on “It IS Hot!

  1. i’ve never seen James Nesbitt before, but i like his dark look. And, he’s Irish!

    i think i find him more attractive than Holloway because he seems more, i don’t know- realistic i guess?

    c- he’s definitely a “bad’ boy! I get that he’s more realistic in that he doesn’t have those “too pretty” looks but then some of us like that, now don’t we? Grrrrrr…

  2. You just left me feeling all … well… un-ladylike… and umm… Hot Damn those are some fine specimens.

    YAY! Betme gets me!!! Scrolling through the comments it looks rather divided as to the Yeas and Nays. Glad SOMEONE has my taste in men! Thank you, my friend!!!

  3. Haha, not into Holloway, but Nesbitt rocks. Did you ever see the series Cold Feet? It was awesome stuff. He is a seriously good actor. And he has that whole sexy accent bad boy thing going on 🙂

    Hay, I haven’t seen Cold Feet yet. Some of the BBC stuff takes a while to filter over to us here but I can’t wait to see it!! I LOVE Nesbitt! Ever since I saw him in Jekyll he makes me HOT! Yes, that deep sexy accent gets me so bad!!! 😉

  4. Mr. Holloway does have mighty nice arms. But, I’m afraid I don’t prefer blonds. And Nesbitt…ehhhh…not doing it for me either. Geesh. Guess I’m just getting hard to please in my old age.

    I will say (ducking so the stones don’t hit me) that I am with you regarding Lost. I have several friends that cancel all plans to stay home and watch it. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Different strokes for different folks, girl! So what turns you on?

  5. Indeed, different strokes for different folks. Let’s see: Karl Urban, Robbie Williams, Gerard Butler, Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few. I know, weird collection.

    Hey, I only know what about half of those guys look like. You’re gonna make me go google images now? (curiosity killed the pussy cat)

  6. 2lazydogs has excellent taste. 🙂

    And I urge you to find “Cold Feet” when you can. James was brilliant in it.

    Anja- with two great recommendations like that I will surely find Cold Feet somewhere!! I love me some Nesbitt! And yes, 2lazydogs always has good taste!

  7. I didn’t know who either one is but the first guy is too “pretty”. I do prefer the older more “mature” rough look – say, … Dennis Leary. He’s my “choice morsel” ha! ha! ha! At first I thought the second guy was Magnum P.I. – LOL and was like, “Ok, he’s cute!” but then it turned out to be someone I don’t know…. hmph.
    I enjoyed this post…. whoot! whoot!
    P.S. CHOICE MORSEL, I love it!

    JQ- Oooooo, our little miss like it ROUGH!! You go, grrrl! Dennis Leary does have that sharp intelligence I love but he’s a little too acerbic for my tastes. I like ’em growlin’ soft and deep and being a little nasty! 😯

  8. I think I need to agree with JavaQueen, the rougher the better. If he looks like a friend of my son’s then I have to throw up in my mouth just a little bit. And I used to like all that long hair, but no more — bald is beautiful! Robert Downey, Jr. was way more interesting to me. But then he’s certainly not the first drug addict to trip my trigger. Sigh.

    Pamajam- I didn’t really look at his face, to tell you the truth. 😛

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