JavaQueen Loves Us!

    Looky what I got today!   


My friend, JavaQueen, passed along this award to me and I feel so honored! Thank you, JQ!

Coming from someone who writes such honest and sassy stuff it humbles me to be in such good company.  She’s a loving daughter, a wonderful mother to three kids, a Dachshund lover, and a faithful friend.  She is the little sister I always wish I’d had!

If you haven’t been over there to visit this terrific young woman’s blog, well, scoot! What are you waiting for? Trisha says “GO”! Now GIT!

5 comments on “JavaQueen Loves Us!

  1. I also received the award from JavaQueen. She is certainly sassy. That’s what I like about her. She’s the whole package.

    Congratulations and I am happy to be in the same company as you. I am meeting so many awesome people blogging. I heart your daughter too.

    Way to go, Joan!!!! You soooo deserve it!

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