Tell Her You Love Her

Hello, again.

  I just returned home after a few days spent at D.’s place in Rochester. We had a good time but there were a few strained moments.

 Sometimes he gets overwhelmed lately by all the crap in his life, (new job, mother in a nursing facility, bills from while he was unemployed, etc.) so he wasn’t giving me the attention I craved and deserved. I mean, come on ! I was there helping him clean his shit when I could have been doing things around my house. AND he was being a moody son-of-a-gun, and I didn’t like the fact that he forgot that I was helping him and being the perky, energetic house-elf !  I got a little pouty by the end of Saturday.

 The good thing about D. is that he’s extremely observant. You don’t have to hit him over the head with something before he sees it. By the time evening rolled around he saw how sad I was. To tell you the truth I was thinking of getting back into my car and going the heck home! He came to me and put his arms around me and insisted that I tell him what was going on. I told him I felt really alone even though I was there in the room with him and that I was feeling a little used and unappreciated. He took my hand, led my to the chair, sat beside me and apologized.

 He then declared the following day to be Trisha Day! He said that Sunday would be all mine to do with as I pleased! Wow!  Nice! I never had whole day for me!!

 Sunday morning he started the day by grinding his body against mine some really good coffee beans and screwing me brewing some delicious coffee. Then he asked me how I wished to spend MY day. I said I would love to get a little shopping in and maybe have breakfast out so that’s what we did. It was a really relaxing sort of day spent with a very attentive lover who made sure that I felt his affection for me. Later we invited the neighbors over to sit on the porch and have some delicious Mexican Lasagna I had made the day before. It was a great way to end a Sunday. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and I had to return home today.

I had to come home to an empty house which made me sad again…….

    I discovered this item for sale at and it is very disturbing!

Hug Me Pillow (bulk pack of 2)

 Product Description:
The perfect snuggling companion, the Hug Me pillow provides comfort as well as piece of mind.

So I suppose one would only want a half a man to hug????  Ewwww!!!


12 comments on “Tell Her You Love Her

  1. At least the pillows arm won’t go numb.

    Glad to see that your weekend turned out alright even if it did have a rocky start.

    Thanks, Evyl! That’s true! BTW- I was just over at your place while you were here! Great minds….

  2. hehe, that pillow is hilarious.
    At least your weekend ended up okay, even though it wasn’t too great to begin with. Screwing and coffee (not together) is always a good way to start the day.

    Hey, Red! Didja notice the freaky fingers on that thing? Holy Jumpin’ Jeezus-on-a-pogo-stick! I could never sleep with that thing in the bed with me!! Eww.

  3. I have run in to a similarly freaky item for sale that I plan on sharing in the near future. You will be amazed at just how much freakier things can be. Congratulations on your first “Trisha Day” (hopefully the first of many). 😉

    Uh oh, Spidey gots some surprises up his sleeve! And I will be proposing that every June 1st be officially declared “Trisha Day”! 😛

  4. Aww, this post made me very happy for you! D sounds very sweet and you are an awesome girlfriend. Glad you got your groove on girl – hey, if the man pillow comes in a pack of two we could split the cost- that way you’ll have someone while being away from D and I’ll have someone besides Cozmo to curl up to during the day *wink* I’m sitting here LOL at the notion! How did you ever find that? muh-hah-hah!

    JQ- if you’ll look at the ad you’ll see it’s a “bulk pack of two” thus our cost is only about $16 each! The question is: are you supposed to have two of them so you get the sensation of one whole guy or two separate guys? Now that’s kinda kinky! ( I like it! I’m just sayin’ is all!)

  5. Wow! It’s nice that D notices things so you don’t end up getting neglected too long. It sounds like he did a mighty save there by having a Trisha day. You definitely deserved it for helping him out and all. And it’s not like we ask for much … one day devoted to us every once in a while and we’re good, right? LOL. It sounds like the weekend ended up good all in all, except for coming home to an empty house. But sometimes that is a good thing too.
    That pillow is freaky, but also pretty funny. What? They couldn’t give it an entire chest with a couple of chest hairs thrown in for good measure? I’m not sure I like the idea of my pillows hugging me back. I like my pillows to lie there and take it. LOL

  6. I actually had a woman I know ask me to look those pillows up on the internet. She doesn’t have a computer. I almost fell off my chair when I saw them. She didn’t end up buying one.

    It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good guy. Most guys wouldn’t have noticed (except for Peter Parkour–just in case he reads this). I’m glad you had your Trisha Day and the weekend had a happy ending.

  7. Aw…sorry you had a bum start to the weekend. But he sounds like a fantastic guy – sheesh…you getting your own day, and all!

    Have you been to Parkleigh on Park Ave. in Rochester? If not you must go…and try the Joseph Schmidt truffles….YUM. I used to go there every weekend and stock up on those babies. Oooo…and speaking of yum, have you eaten at Charlie’s Frog Pond? Now I’m hungry.

  8. That pillow is a riot! Try explaining to D why he has been replaced by a freaky finger pillow. 😀

    Seriously, I am so happy that he is in tune with you and knows how to make you feel so special. You deserve it.

  9. Sounds like a weekend just the way it is with humans… a little sad, mostly happy, a little relaxing, a little fun, a little sexy and everything inbetween. Oh, the sweet life.

    And ick on the pillow. That’s terrible. 😉

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