Trisha’s Pick for Hot Hunk Thursday


I have been following the divine Anja as she posts her HOT HUNK THURSDAY picks and I felt the need to copy her lead . Her pal, Widdleshamrock, started the whole thing. I just like looking at pictures of gorgeous men. Don’t you?

My choice today is: Robert Downey Jr.

Now I know he’s had some setbacks in recent years but nothing is sexier than a man who can do so many things and still look as scrumptious as this. He can act, write and sing music, write screenplays and fiction…. well, he’s my pick of the day.

 I LOVE this image!





As Iron Man!!







  And then we have the formal view:                                                


Enjoy, ladies!

16 comments on “Trisha’s Pick for Hot Hunk Thursday

  1. Okay – don’t hate me but I’ve just never had a thing for Mr. Downey Jr. He does look hot in these photos though – so don’t stop posting them. Just cuz I don’t want to have his kids doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the view, right? 😉

    It wasn’t until I bought his CD a couple of years ago that I REALLY started to appreciate his hunkiness. I’m such a sucker for that kinda Renaissance man! It’s the whole cerebral, talent, gorgeousness that gets me!

  2. Allrightythen………. yes, um-hmmm… yes- never thought of him that way but the first pic is pretty darn exciting! Whhooooo- You nailed this one Trisha! I heard his movie “Iron Man” is the BEST! I cannot wait to see it and get my buttah’d popkern on!

    oooo- can i has me some “buttah’d popkern”? LOL
    Glad you are feelin’ the heat (where?) there, JQ!

  3. I’ve always loved him! He still got the cute chocolate boy look.

    Me. too! “Chocolate boy”? If by that you mean I can eats me some chocolate, then, hell, yeah! 😉

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  5. You’re never too old to appreciate good booty. I loved Iron Man. Great movie and it was all because of him. I agree with Teeni he is a Renaissance man. He sings?

  6. He is indeed scrumptious. And a bad boy too,, got that tortured soul thing going on. Actually I loved him as Chaplin. Awesome.

  7. Hay- you got it! The tortured soul makes him even yummier, doesn’t it? Chaplin was awesome!

    babyamore- I find the mature ones more interesting in a lot of ways! Not that there’s anything wrong with ogling the young bods either!! Hooooo BABY!

    leechbabe– welcome and THANKS!! Glad you liked!!

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