Friday Funkalicious

Some random musings on a funky, rainy, miserable Friday:

  • I just found out that this little (OK, it’s not that little) overhang I have goin’ at the top of my jeans is now being referred to as a “muffintop“!  AGHH!  And there is some debate (evidently) over which is the greater clothing offense: muffintops or “whaletails“!!  Whaletails are when you can see the top of the thong over the top of the jeans in back.  In my case, that ain’t gonna happen. Me and thongs…uh uh. …

  • My kid, my brilliant dog-grooming daughter, Birdpress, blogged yesterday about the “O” magazine (aka  The Oprah Magazine ). She and I agree that the magazine reeks of  hypocrisy  but I (hangs head in shame)  already bought the last issue so I felt beholden to read the danged thing in its entirety ’cause once in a while one of her writers (a room full of shit-slinging monkeys) actually says something pretty profound. I’m not saying that these writers have no talent. I’m saying some of them are shit-slinging monkeys.

          In the article entitled ” The Doubter’s Dilemma” I found this written by Elizabeth Streb, a choreographer: ” When I’m taking my last breath , I want to look at how I used up the best of myself. How much did I sweat, push, pull, rip, fall, hit, crash, explode? Maybe it has to do with being able to suffer discomfort in zones away from those I know- the mud zone, the ‘I don’t know’ zone. We’re given to planning for the future, but if you fully invest yourself in this half-second you’re in right now, the future will take care of itself. My dream is to be so well-used that in my last half-second, I just burst into dust.”

    I like that. I believe that’s my philosophy. I would add that we own and write our own destiny. That we get the opportunity to make a difference or not, to live life large or small. I want to live large.

  • Tonight I treated my hungry self to something I’ve been craving: meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I made the meatloaf my standard way with lots of finely chopped onions, egg, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, catsup, Worcestershire Sauce, salt, pepper, and of course, good lean ground beef. Not TOO lean. You need some fat in there for flavor! I made the mashed potatoes rather healthy by mixing the cooked potatoes with Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Broth rather than my usual cream and butter but they were oh, so good with steamed broccoli flavored with a tiny bit of olive oil and lemon.

  • I opened a fun bottle of red wine while the meatloaf was cooking. It’s one D. and I found in Rochester,  a 2002 Feudo d’Elimi. This is a medium-bodied Sicilian red, lots of berry flavors, nice soft tannins. A very easy-drinking wine and the price is right at, are you ready? around $3.99 a bottle!    

  • I’m loving my hoop dancing!

                    “Buddha-Lounge 5“.


  • Let me tell ya, a couple of glasses of that Sicilian red, this CD, and a hoop make for some fine pre-dinner entertainment when you and your man are three-and-a-half hours apart!  I got my exercise and had so much fun wiggling and swaying to the music! I don’t feel at all guilty about the meatloaf now!


  •  I miss D. something awful. When I spoke with him tonight it was all I could do NOT to get in my car and drive to Rochester! He had a rough day. I wanted to just be there for him to rub his back, make soothing noises and help him forget the facts that  a.) his mother is probably never going to leave that nursing home,  b.)that work is gonna be difficult, and  c.) that we live so far apart. Long distance relationships are a LOT of work!

  • Have a great weekend, my friends.



18 comments on “Friday Funkalicious

  1. Have a great weekend. I will be working this weekend so have a glass of red for me.

    Evyl= I already had one for you. I had one for me, too! Happy working weekend, my friend! Don’t over do it!

  2. Whale tail, very bad taste

    When your “of age” …. the muffin top is just damn near unavoidable *sigh*

    I think I’m getting a damned mushroom top 😦

    Gadfly- I loves me some ‘shrooms!

  3. “I loves me some ‘shrooms” BAHAHA! I think I also have a ‘shroom top. 😦

    It’s all good. More cush’n for the push’n… *keep telling myself this, repeatedly…*

    Sorry you’re miss’n your man. He’s lucky to have someone like you that loves him so much.

    Have a great weekend too Trisha, oh, btw, love the header of your painting, very cool!

    JavaQueen- dahling, I am so happy you noticed my new header!! Thank you!!
    “More cush’n for the pushin'”! SO SO TRUE!!! Problem is that hoop rides kinda funny ’round that muffintop, if ya know what I mean! 😀

  4. I always think people with muffin tops just need larger pants. Personally, I have one of those bodies where, like, the muffin forgot to rise and got all stuck at the bottom of the pan. What do you call this? A bagel butt? 😕

    Ah, regarding Oprah, now if you read my blog you’ll have seen that I do actually subscribe to the magazine. I like parts of it, and I got a really good deal on the subscription because J paid for it! 😉 (Thanks for the linkage!)

    “a room full of shit-slinging monkeys” BWAHAHA!!

    Hey, I had meatloaf the other day too! J made it. AND mashedapatoes. Mmmm. No wine though. 😉

    Birdpress- Hey! ” I always think people with muffin tops just need larger pants.” That’s me we’re talkin’ about, remember?? 😛 It’s not so much needing larger pants. More like I’m now an apple when I used to be more of an hourglass. It’s hard to put a belt on an apple!

    J. is a good guy. He cooks for you!! Go, J.!!! My man cooks for me and I love that!!

  5. I stumbled in because of your name – thought you must be awesome !!! 😉
    I have a muffin top too 😦

    LOL – that guy is a keeper !
    You find the best on you tube !

    Trish- Welcome!!! All the Trishes be’s good people!!! Even we muffintops!
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the videos!! 🙂

  6. You DON’T have a muffintop though! Your clothes fit correctly. I dunno, maybe my huge ass just makes my waist look smaller by comparison and I can’t comprehend how larger pants won’t help, LOL. I have the opposite problem though where I end up with a gap in the waist when my paints fit my big butt. Or end up with Carpenter’s Crack. 😮

    birdpress- You haven’t been looking at me very closely. I DO have a muffintop!! I hate it, especially if I accidently get the mid-rise or, G-forbid, LOW-RISE jeans!!! AGGHHH>
    And you, my dahling, do NOT have a big butt!! Oh, puhleez! You, who inspires me to keep thin? No!
    (I love the typo “paints” for pants. You sound like y’alls Mama when she gits ta tawkin’ to her cuz from Charleston!) hehehehe……

  7. Ah, the old muffin top vs. whale tail debate. Honestly, I’m not sure which one is the sexiest, but I do know i love them both. I would say muffin top is sexier probably, cause then you know you aren’t dealing with a skinny chick, and whale tail can be disappointing cause it gives the impression that you are dealing with a girl who enjoys having sex and actually knows how, but often you are just dealing with a retarded bimbo who couldn’t fuck to save her life. I still like them both though. What can I say, I like my women a little on the trashy side.

    And as for your long distance relationship problems, I feel your pain ma’am. I too am in a long distance relationship, with a blogger I met from Toronto. i know what’s it’s like to miss someone every day, and wish you could be there to help them through the rough times, and wish they could be there for you when you’re on the brink of emotional collapse. Love is a real bitch, but in the end, I think the effort always yields better results. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

    Josh- You crack me up and make me love you at the same time!! When you said “but often you are just dealing with a retarded bimbo who couldn’t fuck to save her life” I nearly fell off my chair I laughed so hard! and when you wrote “cause then you know you aren’t dealing with a skinny chick” I fell in love a little! 😉 (‘Cause I ain’t no skinny chick. A few extra lbs. but definitely not skinny.)

    And I also love that know what I’m going through with D. Only someone who’s been there really knows how lonely it can be. I agree, though. It’s worth it, I think. Good luck to you , too, my friend!

  8. Oh…the dreaded muffin top. I keep doing these crazy side bends while holding an 8 lb weight in either hand – it’s supposed to whittle those babies away. No luck as of yet.

    Holy crap…Rochester? That’s only 2 hrs. from me…so you must not be too far from me either?
    Hope you have a fantabulous weekend. Drink lots o’ red wine (I’ll be drinking mine right along with you!).

    2lazydogs- Ah, the side bends!! Been there… threw the weights across the room! I learned we can’t spot reduce….ever. We can try to tone but not reduce isolated spots, dang it!!
    As for us living close by…… well, heck, girl, we need to get together! I am 3 1/2 hours southeast of Rochester. Where are you, relatively speaking? 🙂
    Happy Saturday!!

  9. We won’t even talk about what I have. It’s too big to contemplate, but it’s going down. Your daughter came over to my blog and introduced herself. Now I have another new friend. I went over to her blog and commented about O. Right now the only magazine I can tolerate is Weight Watchers because it only shows food I can eat. I don’t want to see food I can’t eat right now.

    joan- you go, girl! I’m totally getting that comment about looking at food you CAN eat as opposed to the junk. TV commercials are the worst, though. They’re deadly!
    Happy you have a new friend!! 🙂

  10. Hey Trisha,

    I’m about 2 hrs. west and a teensy bit south of Ra-cha-cha. Just south of Buffalo. (Alright everybody, now that you have my coordinates…let the stalking begin!)

    I think I know where you are. Yes, we are almost neighbors….kinda sorta. 🙂

  11. I kind of agree with BirdPress and Josh. I find the body of muffin topper sexy, but also think they could find clothing that would be more flattering for their figure. I have often time pointed out those sporting the muffin top saying that it’s such a wast to constrict such beautiful hips. As for the whale tail, it looks pretty trashy, but fun to look at while thinking about how trashy it looks. 🙂

    Spidey- now see? you men all like that trashy kinda dame, doncha? I needs to trashy my ownself up a little, I reckon….. 😉

  12. i don’t refer to my muffin top as a muffintop.
    It is my cinnamon roll.
    Or, flabdominals.

    i have a pair of jeans i wear for long walks. When i first put them on (you know how stingy jeans are when they are freshly laundered) my belly looks just like a little butt. 😦 Then the jeans submit and stretch and the butt melts away and i’m all in love with them again.

    c- OMG !! FLABDOMINALS!!! That’s gonna be my word of the week!! And oboy, did I ever get a visual when you said your belly looks like a little butt. MINE TOO!! HAHAHAHAHA

  13. Some folks love the muffintop.
    I got the whole damn loaf goin’ on.

    Oh, Red, you make laugh. That’s why I love you!!

  14. I will need to read all of this when I get home. I got as far as “a room full of shit-slinging monkeys” and shot coffee out my nose. I will need to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up my keyboard. 😀

    That and a whale-tail… OMG! I am going to have a stroke from laughing so hard.

  15. Alright, I amde it home and made sure I was not drinking anything while I finished reading. I think your meatloaf recipe and mine are about the same. YUMMY comfort food. I need to try the chicken broth in the mashed potatoes.

    I am going out tomorrow to see if I can find a bottle of that particular wine. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hugs to ya. I know it is not the same as getting a real hug from D…… But, ya know.

    Awwww. I love getting hugs!! Thanks!! Glad I could be of help in doing a thorough job of cleaning your keyboard.. 😀 You need to wet it down once in a while!
    Re: the meatloaf… can you believe D. has not eaten meatloaf in 30-some years!! Says he doesn’t like it! HA I say! He hasn’t had mine (ours!) Good luck on the wine hunt. It’s definitely worth it for the price especially!! Yummy!

    Love ya!

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