I Close My Eyes & Listen

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and then…

I see something like this and I think that I am so lucky to be alive in a world where a ten-year-old boy can play a guitar so beautifully that it rivals the music of angels.



Don’t you just want to listen to that forever?

I had a good day today.

6 comments on “I Close My Eyes & Listen

  1. I wish I could carry him (and his guitar) around in my pocket. Every time I had a negative thought, I’d whip him out like my own secret weapon. That is the best video ever and it brought a smile to my face, an awe and inspiration… you said it all, “rivals the music of angels”. Thanks for finding this rare gem!

    javaqueen- what a great invention that would be, your very own pocket prodigy! You’re very welcome! Glad you liked it!

  2. Oh My Gawsh… Thank you for sharing this young man with us!

    betme- He is amazing! How could I not? I hope he gets the fame and fortune he deserves.

  3. Great clip. I want a pocket prodigy too! Who IS this kid?

    birdpress- I have no idea. Just a great YouTube find!! We ALL want a Pocket Prodigy!!! hehehehe

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