No More SnapShots

  Thanks to the intervention of Peter Parkour, our favorite Spideyman, I decided to remove the SnapShots from my blog page. It was driving us all insane, me included.

  Thanks, Spidey!

9 comments on “No More SnapShots

  1. Funny …

    Me and the ex wife used to share the same amount of arachnophobia

    We used to laugh and say “It looks ‘spidey’ in there”

    Of course, I always had to go in there.


  2. I just got here from Joan Harvest’s blog. I guess I missed the snapshots so I have no clue what I’m missing. 🙂

  3. Gadfly- Geez!! I hates me some spiders!!

    teeni- You missed nuthin’. SnapShots was a plug-in for my blog that made it difficult to navigate.
    Thanks for comin’ by! I’ll be over to check you out!!

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