One More Addiction

I wish I could give credit (or blame) to whomever turned me on to my newest addiction. Sometime in the last couple of weeks I read one of your blogs about “hooping” and since I didn’t understand the reference I Googled the term and “VOILA” my new passion ! Hoop dancing!  Unfortunately I got so wrapped up in all the YouTube videos I forgot to make note of whom to thank! So whoever you are, I want you to know I am so excited and pleased to be hooping up a storm!  THANK YOU!

I wanted to buy one but these danged things aren’t cheap. Lucky for me someone posted a video on how to make a hula hoop.  The ones most of us think of when we think of Hula Hoops are the old-fashioned ones for children. Those don’t work nearly so well as these. The new versions are far bigger and heavier and thus much easier for adults to use.

I went to Home Depot and got everything I needed: 160 psi irrigation tubing, couplers, a ratcheting PVC cutter, and some colored electrical tape and colored Duct tape. I spent about $75 total BUT I can make at least a dozen hoops from this. All my friends will be receiving hoops and I expect them to USE THEM!!

 Here are the results of my first three tries:

Not too shabby!!

If I ever get to be half as good as the girls at Hoopnotica then maybe, just maybe I’ll post a video of me hoopdancing but that will probably be a looong time coming.

Check it out:


27 comments on “One More Addiction

  1. Great idea with the pvc.

    After watching the video, I now wish to be reincarnated as a hula hoop. It has gone a long way since the Chipmunks Christmas song.

  2. Grrr, every time I click on the video it takes me to your “get your hoop groove on” pic. Dang it. I’ll have to check it out another time. 😦 By the way, I’m looking forward to your video. 🙂

  3. The inventor of the hula hoop has made many a man happy. The pelvic action one can manage after a few hours on the hoop is incredible.

  4. Anja- Hoo , boy! You are so right! I am feeling Pelvis Power!!!! What a workout! I read that one hour of hooping burns approximately 450 calories! Plus my flexiblity is really improved!

  5. Peter Parkour- I am sorry about the SnapShots thing. I may have to take that off there. It’s driving me nuts, too.

    Don’t hold your breathe for my video, Spidey. I still look spazzy compared to those gals! For every move I do properly, I do two that would make you giggle. And don’t stand too close. A 4 lb. hoop makes quite a mark when it hits!

  6. @ozymandiaz – to turn off SNAP go to your Design tab and then click Extras. That’s the place, and don’t forget to save the update. 😉

    @ Trisha – I wouldn’t mind a good laugh. :mrgreen: I’m sure you’re doing just fine and looking good at the same time. 😉

  7. ozymandiaz- It took me a while but I think I finally uninstalled the darn thing!! Sheesh… that was tough! So you don;t like fuzzy pink things?? 😀

    dobeman- I ‘ll try to do that for ya, uh huh, yeah… How was Jury Duty?

    betme- Thanks!! Yes, I agree anout the music. I’m looking for some of my own. Any suggestions?

    birdpress- Thank you, my sweet! If you lived nearer we’d be learning this together and having a ball!!
    Don’t even dare me!!!! 😉

  8. not all over the legs
    other than that, I like the fuzzy, I like the pink
    I like a pink fuzzy sweaters
    but pink fuzzy legs, especially with those outfits, were just scary
    I’m wierd
    I know

  9. We’ll be awaiting to see your hoop dancing. No need to be shy…it’s just the internet, who could be watching? Great site, and thanks for stopping by mine!

  10. Yeah, I like what Spidey said, when are we going to see a hula hoop performance from YOU, now that’d be AWESOME. I had NO idea this was going on! Ha! Ha! Ha! Very talented girls! They make it look so easy! Do these hoops come in XL? BAHAHAHAHH! 😉

    Javaqueen- actually they ARE XL!! You would be so surprised how easy it is to hoop with these giant heavy hoops. I highly recommend it!! on(But don’t get your hopes up the video. I am so not lookin’ like li’l Miss Hoopnotica there!)

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  13. hi trisha
    i just did an arbitrary search for “hooping” and chanced upon your blog. hey welcome to the circle! i’m a longtime hoop-dancer and i have a ton of videos on youtube. (there’s a link on my blog)
    how’s it going so far? maybe you can inspire me to get back at it! happy hooping!

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