They’re Coming To Take Me Away

While I had the camera out:

   I went down to my studio today with my camera and took some pictures of things I’ve done over the past few years.  I realized there are things stranger than  what I’d posted last time so I am going to put up a few more of them just to give a better over-view.  This is a painting I’ve been playing with for quite a long time. It’s evolved and morphed into some strange thing for which I have no explanation. 


These two are details of the painting: 

                               and         .


The following are some of my oldest projects, back when I did a great deal of papier mache sculptures.  If you’ve read my past blogs you’ve heard me refer to my alter ego as “Bob”. Well, these are the physical manifestation of my “Bobs’.  

      Bob #1

  Bob #2   and

    Bob #3 !!


Then there’s my sweet “Happy ” the Anatomically Correct Dog sculpture:  and also

one of my hardest projects, The Dragon:

 who is approximately 3’6″ long and 27″ tall!

Many of my bigger and better sculptures sold back in 1994 at one of my bigger shows.

 Here are a few more paintings, both acrylic and watercolor:

:  and           and 


  and             and



 There many, many more but I won’t bore you with the rest at this time…..LOL!


22 comments on “They’re Coming To Take Me Away

  1. I am not bragging (OK, yes I am) I just knew that you had mad skills before I saw any of your art. Your home must look like and incredible art studio/museum.

    And I adore your Bobs. You have inspired me to put a face on my Cybils.

  2. betme- my home is a crazy assemblage of things I love, so there are all sorts of strange things here. You MUST come visit!

    Girl, get those Cybils out and let us see them!!
    I can only imagine!!!!!!!!!!

    birdpress- that painting has been a long-time work-in-progress. Glad you like!! I doubt your sister will be looking to get THAT one in the will. hehehehe

  3. You are so talented! I love this stuff! Please, please, more photos of it.

    Now I can proudly say that I named your studio. If your stuff sucked, I’d be very quiet about that fact.

  4. Moonbeam – thanks ever so much !! You are very kind!

    Yep, you, my friend, are the responsible party. I am currently making a sign to be hung next to the door of my studio with that name : Neurotic Nirvana. I love it!!

  5. ozymandiaz- why, thank you, sir! He is my personal favorite, too!
    His hair is made from the mane from one of my daughter’s horses, Cisco, who was one sharp-looking dude! (Alas, he moved to another farm…)
    I like your look though. Tough but sensitive. Way cool.

  6. Quit blowing me away. I’m halfway up the street from being blown away by your talent. I love the Bobs. I especially love the weirdness of the first one. It has a dragon in it-one of my favorite things and orange headed penguins. There’s so much to see in it. I really like the one of the child too. Give us more!!!

  7. joanharvest- You are too sweet! I enjoyed painting that first one, too. It is one of those pictures where when you stand back and really look you’ll see all kinds of things! (women in the branches, etc.)

    Thank you immensely for saying those nice words. Artists have fragile egos. I really appreciate the compliments.

  8. i love the tree in the first painting- its position on the canvas, its foliage and limbs- seem almost more sinister than those bright penguins.

    i also especially enjoyed the woman’s head. i like that i can’t see what she sees, her mouth is scared and so am i.

    You’ve got skillz.

  9. c- Thanks so much! That picture painted itself, actually. I was only the hand that held the brush.

    Glad you like the redheaded woman. It’s one of my favorites.

  10. LOVE the woman hiding in the tree in your first picture! Love the Bobs but am very partial to #3, he’s a hoot! I’m just sitting her amazed at your talent. You must be so PROUD! Gosh, you are doing what I wished and dreamed of all my life. I envy your mad abilities 🙂

    Ms. Javaqueen- Thanks so much, friend! And hey, don’t dream…DO!!

  11. Betme suggested I pay you a visit, and I’m damn glad I did! I LOVE the painting at the top of this post. Medieval and surreal all at the same time. It really grabbed me. I’ve started taking art lessons myself at the tender age of 46. While my talent is dubious, at least I now have an appreciation for how much time and work goes into a painting like that.


    smith- OMG, where have I been that I missed your kind comment? I am so sorry I never responded till now. So you are taking art lessons at the age of 46? GOOD! It’s not till we’re older that we truly see things clearly and art is really all about SEEING! Just keep looking and looking and keep a sketchbook handy all the time, even in the bathroom! Seriously! I get the best ideas on ” the throne”!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!!

  12. Wow. You have serious talent. I thank you for sharing this link with me. I especially love that your paper-mache dragon seems to be the same one you included in that first painting. Like Joan said, this just blows me away.

    teeni- I am so grateful for comments like this one. Thank you! Dragons and crows have a special place in my heart. I don’t know why. They just do. I think it’s the kid in me who read the fairy tales.
    I never grow up. Neither should you. Keep that childlike spirit alive always!

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