Because She Asked

    Once again my post is prompted by my friend BetMe who is great at encouraging others.  It must be because she is so talented that she has the self-confidence to motivate others without feeling at all threatened.

   So with that said, I am posting some pictures of my artwork for you all to look at and hopefuly you’ll be honest but kind.

  This is one of my pet portaits. He’s a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier. He is a happy guy.

 One of my  dog portraits

  Ammi Phillips was a seventeenth century artist who was never formally trained but who gained a reputation as a primitive portrait painter.  I have been a huge fan of his work since I first laid eyes on his work. I have copied a few of his portraits but this is my favorite called Girl in a Red Dress.  I have copied it several times. This is one of them. (Sorry for the lousy photo.)

Girl in a Red Dress

 This is a painting I did three summers ago. This bullfrog lives in my little fish pond in the back yard!


Just an image I had seen in a magazine some time ago.  I wanted to try my hand at painting the ocean and rocks ,etc.  Not my best work but I am OK with the learning experience of every painting I do.


  I will post more at a later time. I think this gives a fair overview of what I’ve been doing the past couple of years.  I really don’t paint with other people’s expectations in mind except when doing commissions and even then I insist on autonomy with regards to style and form.

   My kids mostly all inherited my love of art.

  My baby girl is over at Birdpress (see blogroll). She is an amazingly talented woman. She not only writes like a dream but she can paint, draw, craft, the whole shebang. She is currently a Pet Stylist (aka Dog Groomer) so she channels a lot of her talent into her first love, animals.  They love her , too!

   My son Chris is likewise talented. He also is a brilliant writer who says everything with a wonderful self-deprecating humor.( Check him out on my blogroll at Postulates & Pasttimes). His gardens are a thing of beauty, too!

   My oldest daughter doesn’t acknlowledge her talents and has never really pursued them but whenever called upon she comes through with amazing talent. Last year she and I signed up to do face-painting at her church fundraiser and she blew me away with her freehand designs. But if you ask her if she is an artist she just laughs!

  My oldest son is another full-fledged artist. He can draw anything. He specializes in Fantasy Art and his work makes my shudder it’s so good!

  So it’s really cool to see my children stepping into their own individual areas of talent. Each is unique and wonderful and no, I’m not prejudiced!

14 comments on “Because She Asked

  1. I am blown away at your talent! This is nuts! I had no idea you were an artist, and your children sound amazing. I come from a long, long line of artist’s…. however, I have only recently (in the last 5 years) attempted to draw, paint, write, etc. I love the bullfrog painting, looks so real and such detail! I’m probably much more like your oldest daughter where I just don’t acknowledge it- but I have to say… as I’m growing and evolving, and starting to be nicer to myself – I’ve learned that I am talented. I think that probably sounds funny.. but it’s true for me. My daughter will say about one of her drawings, “It’s not good, I’m not good at this” and I have to keep reiterating to her that the reason it’s good is because it’s HERS. She is much like me when I was young- she thinks things have to look perfect to be art. Maybe I should take her to another art museum because the last time I took her she was so young…

    I love anything that is homemade, from the heart, a painting, a craft, a poem, whatever, there is no better gift on this earth and I want to give you props for your mad art! Wonderful.

  2. Lumpy- Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words! I am proud of YOU for finally acknowledging your own self-worth as an artist. You need to tell yourself often the same thing you told your daughter- “It’s good because it’s yours!”
    And I’m with you. I think the best gifts are always home/handmade. As long as it’s done with love and feeling, it’s art!
    You da best!

  3. I love all of these painting, but that frog is still my favorite! That and the stuff I have here. 🙂

    Do you remember that Strawberry Shortcake painting you did for me when I was little? Do you still have it? I was thinking about that recently… I want it!

    You have always been talented. I only inherited a small piece of it. My stuff is NOTHING like yours.

    The next thing I need is a white poodle so I will have a new creative canvas for my designs. I think THAT could be my niche. 😉 Unfortunately Alice’s black hair won’t hold color.

  4. Trisha ~ Your art blows me a way! You did not make any notes about the first picture. Is it yours as well?

    The Jack Russell looks so real that I am waiting for him to lick my screen.

    I need a couple commissioned pieces… are you up for it? No pressure…

    I am not really artistic. I do however draw a wickedly impressive stick figure! … my talent is more in line with magic in the kitchen. I enjoy throwing different spices together to create incredible dishes.

    I also enjoy watching and have a talent for reading people. I find them to be facinating creatures. 😉

  5. My sister is an artist. You remind me of her because she always is saying that everything she does isn’t good enough yet it is amazing. That’s what I think of your artistic talents–amazing. I was blown away when I came onto your page today. My sister is now doing Chinese brush painting and throwing away most of what she does because she doesn’t think it is good enough. I would frame anything she threw away.

    You are so fortunate to have wonderfully talented children. I’m still waiting to be a grandma. I have two wonderful children. A son who is a talented fisherman and a daughter whose talent lies with putting up with me and not letting me be homeless which is what I would be if it wasn’t for her.

    I love the beach scene. It reminds me of me and my daughter at the beach when she was little. We went every day.

    Keep painting!!!

  6. I got screwed in the “art talent” department!! I mean seriously, how, out of four kids, did I get nothin’?

    I cry FOUL! BAD FORM!

    However, if ever you need a nastygram written on your behalf, I’m your man!

  7. birdpress- Oh man, I had forgotten about the Srawberry Shortcake thing. I have no idea where it went…maybe the attic? If I come across it, it’s yours, of course!

    My dear girl, you have far more talent than the ” small piece of it” you claim. And yes, I see a white poodle in your future. Lordy only knows what you’d create but it would be amazing!

    betme- yeah, the first picture is mine, too. Just some vaguely impressionistic irises but I liked the colors.
    Hey, girlfriend, we need to live nearby one another. We’d probably weigh 300 lbs. each because we both so enjoy cooking but boy, all the good times we’d have doing it! I could paint for you and we could cook incredible meals together!
    And stick figures, properly drawn, can be extremely artistic, I say. :0

    joanharvest- thanks bunches for your kind compliments!

    Why don’t you set up a special “trash”bin at your sister’s house and do just that. She’ll be glad you did when she sees what it looks like properly displayed!

    I am very blessed with my children and I love being Nana to my three grandsons! You must be very proud, too, to have raised such wonderful kids. Not everyone has children who are willing to take them in and care for them the way yours has. Guess you eat a lot of fish, you lucky woman? Yummmmm….

  8. doneman– did you hear me when I said I know you’re brilliant and write like a dream AND you have fabulous (yes, I said fabulous!) gardens! How do you interpret that as having no art talent? THOSE ARE ARTFORMS! Silly……..

    But you are also really good at the nastygram..hehehehe

  9. I am realy, really sleepy. So if this comes out gibberish, please disregard. (or save it to use against me when and IF I ever wake up)

    I had to ask if the first picture was your before I put my foot in my mouth and announced that it is my favorite one. It would have felt awkward for you to say, “Thanks but I did not paint that one.” Then my favorite painting of yours would have been my favorite painting of someone else and I would have felt like a giant ass. Now that I am comfortable in my knowledge that I am not a giant ass… just an average ass… Is that picture for sale? It would look fabulous in my living room.

    OR… I need you to paint me a completely different type picture… cuz, I just had a brilliant idea for a new way to decorate in here. I will send you details when my mind can formulate the thoughts coherently.

    And… It would be so cool to live close to each other. We could keep the weight off (the weight gained from eating our fabulous cooking) with the exercise we would get digging holes for the bodies…. heeheehee…

    (disclaimer: I am just kidding. Trisha and I would NEVER harm any innocents and Justifiable Homicide is really NOT our motto. ) 😉

  10. betme- You can never be an ass, giant, average or otherwise! You are far too sweet!

    I would love to paint for you. I need to finish one commissioned piece that’s giving me grief before I start anything else, though . I have been putting off this one for far too long! Patient clients, thank God!

    Digging holes for bodies…. I like the sound of that. I’ll make a list today!

    Didya get some rest last night, sleepyhead?

  11. Holy cow, I’d love to have a third of your talent. I’m truly impressed, and more so that you’ve managed to pass it on!

    Oh, come on now! I read your blogs. I know talent when I see it and Mister, YOU GOT IT!

    Thanks for the nice comments, though. You so sweet!! 🙂

  12. These are really well done. I particularly like the irises, the frog, and, most of all, the portrait of the woman holding the child on the shore. That one really got under my skin for some reason. Haunting, that one.


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