Stuff You Didn’t Really Want to Know But Now You Do

This is me, finally playing along after li’l Miss BetMe tagged me for a Meme. Her Momma says she shoots to kill so I figured I’d follow orders so’s not to get shot!

Five Things Found in My Bag:

I don’t often carry the same bag more than a few days at a time, depending on where I’m going or what I’m planning on doing. If I’m off on a shopping trip I carry an itty-bitty bag. If I’m going away I bring the big ol’ honker of a bag, black, three compartments and it weighs as much as me fully loaded (the bag loaded, not me loaded.)

1. My wallet containing at any one time three credit cards, drivers liscense, fifty three supermarket/department store cards, (near-bouts), a wee bit of cash

2. My cell phone – Don’t leave home without it!!

3. Glasses-  Lordy, I miss the days when I could read labels without them!

4. Lipstick- sometimes red, sometimes a nice Nude to make these middle-aged lips look fuller (so I’ve heard)

5. Granola bar-  Specifically a Cliff Chewy Peanut Butter Bar.   I feel better knowing I have food close at hand all the time.

Five Things in My Room 

 I have the whole house to myself these days so I can pick any room I want, right?

OK< I pick the bedroom!

1. My fancy-schmancy jewelry box I got from my daughter for Christmas. The thing is as big as a bread box! I wish she’d filled it while she was at it!

2. My “Toy Box”.

3. Aromatherapy candles and incense.

4. “Bite Me Almo”  (Custom made by ME! You won’t find this one in stores!)

Bite Me Elmo

5. Antique paintings of roses ( I love them!)


Five Things I am Into:

Hmmm….. a little personal…

1. My boyfriend, D.  He makes me feel so amazingly loved and special.

2. Cooking- I absolutely love cooking. I taught cooking classes for many years and it was some of the best times I ever spent.

3. Wine- again, thanks to D. who started taking me to wineries and having me sample some incredible wines  from his own personal cellar. I am building one of my own now and have around 200 bottles! Nothing fancy or expensive, Just some good drinking stuff!

4. Painting- I hope some day to be really good. For now I am decent at it.

5. Being Nana to my grandsons. Nothing beats having grandchildren!

Five Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:

1. Play an instrument. I gave up though. I’m too lazy to practice the way it requires to be any good. I want to be able to pick up a cello and simply play beautiful music, I don’t want to take the time to learn!
2. Travel the world. I WILL go to Ireland, Scotland, Greece, England, and France before I die!! My passport is burning a hole in my bag!
3. Paint a painting that made people cry with joy when they saw it.
4. Eat as much as I want and NOT gain weight!
5. Have a private audience with the Dalai Lama.
OK, My turn: I now tag:
Get goin’, girlly!


15 comments on “Stuff You Didn’t Really Want to Know But Now You Do

  1. I will comment more when I get back from the store…

    But, your Elmo has me rolling on the floor! That would be a big hit at the ‘toy’ store. 😉

  2. betme- I had it tied to the ceiling fan for a while but the look I got from my daughter when she spied it was too much! He now resides near the “toy box.”
    AT least you doesn’t has to shoot me now, right? 🙂

  3. Moi? Hmm… I’ll have to get to that when I have some time to myself. I can’t write when the man of the house is bored or he will come up and try to see what I’m doing and that really irritates me!

    That Elmo is hysterical! How long have you had that thing? And I really don’t think I even want to know what is in the “toy box”…

  4. birdpress- no rush on the meme. I took long enough! LOL

    I understand about the “man of the house” thing. I can’t seem to write anything worth reading when I’m at D.s.

    Glad you like my Elmo. I made him for D. for Christmas. He put it on the ceiling fan actually but when your sis walked in the room one day she said “Why do you have an Elmo hanging from the fan?” I dragged her outa there quickly, I tell ya!!
    And never mind about the toy box. 8)

  5. Sounds like everyone agrees on the coolness of your “Bite Me Elmo”. I’m more than willing to bet that you could market those. Throw in “Beat Me Zoe” and I’m sure you could get $100 for the set on E-Bay. Too cool lady. Please post a pic if and when Zoe joins in on the fun. 😉

  6. OH, Monsieur Parkour, you do flatter a lady! You will be one of the first to see the unveiling of Zoe when she becomes the Dominatrix or the submissive. I haven’t decided which yet. Maybe one of each! 😉

  7. Sorry, so slow getting back here. I wanted to add that I would love to see your artwork.

    … and I am glad that you pointed out that it is your BAG that is loaded. hehehe

  8. betme- you take as long as you need. It took me long enough to do this darned thing!! Heehee.
    Artwork will be posted soon. I’m a little shy about showing it which has been an issue of mine for a long time. Thus I turned down a couple shows and a gallery but I’m working on that!
    Maybe tonite more than that bag will be loaded. I could use a good load on….:))

  9. Oh My Gosh! I can tell your work is fantastic… Seriously, I can feel it. Some say I am psychic others say psychotic. 😀

    Hurry up and share with the world already!

    And I will tie one on with you, from here. I am opening a bottle of 2003 Salentein – Pinot Noir. I have no idea if I will like it. But for you I will give it a try. Some friends went to Argentina and they loved it.

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