Red, Red Wine

woman-drinking-wine.jpg    I drink red wine. I love red wine.

    Have you ever noticed how some of them, like the Italian Primitivos are the same deep purpley-red as blood? I think I am slowly replacing my plasma with must ( a winemaker’s word).

     I opened a fairly decent one last night. Low budget. Very drinkable. It’s a La Pisara Salento Primitivo 2004 vintage.   I am fond of Italian reds.

    I discovered Amarones last fall and will drink them whenever my pocketbook is full enough to deserve one. They are amazingly rich and wonderful. Amarones are made differently than most red wines. The grapes are allowed time to slightly dry creating a richer, deeper fruit-forward flavor that pairs so well with fall foods like nuts and rich creamy cheeses. The first one I had was shared with D. as we picked at some French triple-cream ripe cheese with toasted walnuts and crackers. OMG, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

    D. is teaching me about wines. He started his wine education a few years before we met. He lives near the Finger Lakes in NY so he takes me to the wineries up there and I am learning to appreciate the whites of New York State. Given some time I think New York will rival any place in the U.S. for decent wines. I have had some remarkable (and some not so remarkable ) wines from there.

      As he says, “in order to understand and appreciate wines, you must drink lots of wines!” I agree and am doing my darndest to live by that philosophy.

     I am constantly amazed, as I get older, by how much I don’t know. I am setting a course to change that. Any suggestions? Anyone?

9 comments on “Red, Red Wine

  1. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but if drinking lots of vino makes you an expert, I am well on my way. Texas is becoming a pretty decent wine spot as well. Llano Estacado Winery makes some tasty stuff.

  2. My daughter loves wine. For Christmas her father always bought her really good wine. Now she can’t drink it because it gives her headaches. She never drank a lot but when she had a glass of wine she wanted it to be good wine.

  3. Mmmm…yes, yes, yes…it must be red! I treat myself by purchasing 3 or 4 bottles of new varieties every few weeks. Some of my faves are: 14 Hands 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (Washington), Luna Di Luna Cab-Merlot, Greg Norman 2000 Shiraz (Australian).

    Money isn’t falling from trees (yet!) so I try to stay within the $11-$15 region but…when I truly want to splurge I go for the 1996 Chauteau Cantemerle Haut Medoc (France) at $45/bottle…but oh-so-worth-it!!

  4. joanharvest- her daddy can send it to me!!! Too bad about the headaches though. That would piss me off! Like finding out chocolate gave you the runs or something~

    2 lazydogs- “1996 Chauteau Cantemerle Haut Medoc (France) at $45/bottle” Oh MY!! Now THAT sounds yummy!! I am writing this down for the next time I deserve something very nice! Thanks for that tip!!

  5. “Like finding out chocolate gave you the runs or something” made me laugh out loud while my wife was sleeping, so I had to quickly bite my tongue.

    Sorry I’m no help in the wine department. That tongue I bit a while ago isn’t very adventurous. At least not in the food department. 😉

  6. What an interesting life you lead! You’re an extremely talented woman to say the least! This post really grabbed my attention as I, too, often visit the Finger Lakes wineries as I’m “just down the road” in Pa. It’s like having our own Napa Valley in the Northeast.

  7. cookingbachelorstyle- thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the kind words. Lucky you to live so close to The Finger Lakes!! There are some amazing wines coming outa that region. I’m looking forward to tasting even more great wine there this year. A few new ones have opened and I’m thirsty!

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