How To Make a Point Without Making ANY Sense At All!

This video makes me crazy. Watch the speaker try to make an argument against McDonald’s food based on her own so-called proof that it’s not “real food”. Now I don’t particularly think that fast food is very good for you but she tries to scare us into thinking there is something mysterious about the stuff!!  ooooooooo, I’m scared!!!  I love when she says “when I was overweight”.  Uh…… and that was when? This morning?!!! Shame on this show!!  I am going down to Mickey D’s right now and ordering a Big Mac just because this stupid cow pisses me off with her pseudo-scientific bullshit!!

9 comments on “How To Make a Point Without Making ANY Sense At All!

  1. She carried it around with her for four years? Can you imagine?

    “Oh, this? Oh, pay no attention to it; it’s just my pet happy meal.”

    She compared the dried up french fry to a moldy potato, lol. Hello, it was COOKED and dried. It’s basically a potato chip. Why would it be moldy?

  2. Awesome! I can eat McD’s and live forever. (or at least be well preserved) I am with you… heading out to get a Big Mac, just to show her.

    I am such a rebel!

  3. I have a lot of weight to lose but that’s why I like weight watchers because I can still eat McDonald’s french fries once in a while with the extra 35 points they give you every week. I’ve lost 70 pounds and granted I do eat better than I used to but I can still have a few drinks or a pizza or whatever I want as long as I count the points. That woman didn’t look so thin to me. Plus I didn’t like her anyway, something about her eyes.

  4. So, that’s why a burger and fries popped out of my knee last week when I fell and cut my knee open! That food stays in your body forever. It’s true, it doesn’t break down!

    I was walking down the sidewalk, unbeknownst to there was some uneven pavement. I tripped and fell splitting open my knee. You can imagine my shock when my Mickey D’s meal popped out! It was fully intact, pickles and all.

    At first I was scared. But then I gave it the “sniff test” and it was all right. I was hungry and exhausted from the whole ordeal. I got my eats on. I started to bleed, but it was a “cocoa colored blood” so again the sniff test – it was a chocolate shake! And, it was even better the second time around!

    I’m glad this food stays in your body forever. I will never have to worry about being stranded without food – I can always pull out a burger when I want.

  5. McDonald’s double cheeseburgers are a big part of my diet. 🙂 No catchup, hold the bun. Greasy fingers – yum, yum, yum. No onions either. YUCK! Onions are ok for the diet, I’m just picky. 😉

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