” I’m a Wee Bit Pissed” (Pardon Me) or “Shit Happens”(Pardon Me Again)

thegreatpacleanup.jpg     Saturday morning I was responding to an email from my  youngest daughter when all of a sudden my computer turned into ” My Nightmare”!

     Strange pop-ups and bogus warnings, weird sounds, and random websites jumped up at me. I kept being directed to a commercial website selling Spy-ware….over and over and then I could no longer log on to the Internet at all!

  I spent several hours that day and again on Sunday trying to figure out how to fix it but got nowhere. By Monday I was armed with new ideas to try via my friend D. and my son, both of whom are computer smarties. It’s their business!

 Still, no luck. I finally bit the bullet and dialed that dreaded number for Verizon Tech Service. The last time I needed their help I wanted to take a shotgun to the phone!

 I was pleasantly surprised when, after the initial computer-generated question period I actually got a human voice. AND he spoke English beautifully even though he was obviously an out-sourced foreigner from India .  He was concise and clear and patiently guided me through a series of steps and within half an hour I was back on-line and running my DSL as though nothing had ever happened. YAY! Oh, and he actually had a sense of humor!! OMG!!

  Go, Verizon!!

  So then I spent hours trying to catch up with all my blogger friends. (Apologies to anyone I haven’t gotten to yet!) You all have been very busy ! Evidently Easter and vacations were the order of the weekend.

  I spent Easter alone. (pity-party time!) My daughter from across the way has apparently been harboring mucho resentments for the past six months, some of which I knew about and others which took me completely by surprise. It seems my hedonistic lifestyle has put a real damper on her life what with me going off and having a LIFE and everything!

  Seems I should have been standing quietly in a closet awaiting her need of me and THEN and ONLY THEN should I have let daylight into my eyes. No going out of town to be with my friend D.  No working at the antiques shop in order to earn some much-needed cash. No days spent keeping this huge, old place in running order! Dammit, I was supposed to be there patiently waiting for her to summon me  to be of assistance to HER!

 OK, I’m a little angry. She said some pretty awful things to me. I used to hate when someone would try and explain my pissy self by saying “She must be having PMS” but you know what? I think maybe that’s true with her.  Hormones can be terrible!

  I know she loves me but when she acts like this I only see the worst of her dad in her, God help her. You all know how I feel about the STBE (Soon-to-be-Ex).  AAGGGHH!!

  So I have been walking for therapy. The days here have been reasonably warm if not downright spring-like. I am up to 5 miles at a walk! I normally walk around three miles but since I needed to vent some energy I have taken to walking farther and I am now up to five miles at a go! I may be doing 7 miles before long. I just mapped out a new route which I am pretty sure won’t be too strenuous for me.

  The thing that really bugs me on these walks is the horrible amount of trash and litter I am seeing along our Pennsylvania roads. I asked my friend D. why I see so many beer cans he told me something I had never thought of:   the Open Container law.  THAT’S why they throw away the empties. “They” don’t want to get caught with an open container! That and the fact that PA. doesn’t require a deposit on its bottle and cans!

 I have a brilliant idea! I think that in order to buy cold beer one should have to present a coded I.D. which is then scanned along with the purchase of the beer which is also coded for identification.  Then if someone finds the one of those beverage containers along a public roadway, it need only be scanned in order to determine who the responsible party is and a substantial fine levied for the littering!  What do you think?  McDonalds containers should carry the same bar-codes!! I find so many of them along the road, too! It makes me want to enter my local McDonalds and walk among the customers saying ” I know who you are now!”

  Spring is when I normally clean up my road frontage anyway but this year I may have to call the Pa. Dept. of Transportaion to pick up the bags and bags of trash I know I am going to collect along here.

 If you see me walking along Rte. 670 north of Honesdale with my homemade trash picker-upper (it’s a long stick with a nail on the end)  and a garbage bag make sure you toot your horn, OK?  I need the motivational support.

  I hate litterers.

15 comments on “” I’m a Wee Bit Pissed” (Pardon Me) or “Shit Happens”(Pardon Me Again)

  1. Wow– you packed this post full!

    I’m glad you had a pleasant Verizon experience.

    I’m sorry about your angry daughter.

    Good for you for having a life, and for walking!

    I may have to try the nail on a stick thing around here. I can pick up trash, and if crackheads attack, I can use it as a weapon!

  2. Moonbeam-

    I had all this overflow from being gone for several days. See what happens?

    As for the nail on a stick: I use a six foot piece of skinny lumber (1″X1″?), and using a vice to hold it steady I hammer a long nail into the end. Then I take a bolt cutter and cut the head off the nail leaving a very sharp point! It works great for reaching into the ditches to poke aluminum cans. paper, and assorted nasty detritus. Oh, and I wear rubber gloves! oooo, the yuck I find!

    Happy crackhead pokin’!

  3. Sorry to hear that your Easter wasn’t much fun. (I’d personally rather spend the day with a stick than with the C’s anyway… Shh!) Where did you get the stick? I thought it was firmly lodged up my sister’s…

    I don’t know about your whole barcode Idea. At the risk of sounding like a republican, I think the government probably tracks us enough as it is!

  4. Yeah, I get ya, birdpress, but I get so damned riled up about those beer cans!!

    You and I have the same kind of sister, it seems. Where do you think the stick came from? It took some serious pulling on my part to remove said stick from MY sister’s….

  5. the husband and i were talking about litterers just this morning. he said that the jailbirds haven’t been out doing their job lately .. thus the roads/highways looking like shit.

  6. They need to have those who are arrested for drunk driving out on the highways picking up the cans. It is more than likely their shit anyway.

    We missed you while you were having pains with your computer. Sorry you were alone on Easter. I would have smuggled you into Looser-anna with us had I known.

  7. Red- I agree- those jailbirds need the exercise, right?
    PA roads get “adopted” by various groups and my section is the responsibilty of a local business but they only clean once a year in the late spring. By the time they get here I have usually already cleaned my road frontage at least once or twice.
    I sure could use a few jailbirds ’round here!

  8. betme-

    Can I come to Looser-anna NEXT year at Easter time? Sounds good to me!

    Thanks for the nice words! You is much appreciated!

  9. If I ever see someone I know littering even something tiny I give them a hard time. Littering really gets on my nerves too. Glad to hear you’re computer is back up and running. Sorry to hear about your angry daughter. Good job on the walks. One of the best things you can do exercise wise. It’s fairly easy, and the human body was built for walking.

  10. My short little legs may not always agree with that theory, Mr. Parkour but we keep on truckin’ none the less.

    I am thinking of you in your truck the entire time, ya know!

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