Letter To Me

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 I was listening to the local country music station in my car today and Brad Paisley’s “Letter to Me” came on. It made me start thinking about what I would say to myself if I could write my young self a letter and send it back in time.

 Brad Paisley sang:

And I’d end by saying have no fear
These are nowhere near the best years of your life.
I guess I’ll see you in the mirror
When you’re a grown man
P.S. go hug Aunt Rita every chance you can.
And oh, you got so much going for you, going right
But I know at 17, it’s hard to see past Friday night
I wish you’d study Spanish
I wish you’d take a typing class
I wish you wouldn’t worry, let it be
I’d say have a little faith, and you’ll see.
If I could write a letter to me, to me…”    

 What would I write?      I agree with Brad; I should have taken Spanish and Typing back in school.    I would definitely tell myself to not worry so much.

    I would tell myself that I was really not that fat. I only thought I was. All that wasted time dieting and thinking I was ugly. What a shame. Ten or fifteen extra pounds don’t matter at all in the big picture.

    Hey, Me!  DO NOT BUY those yellow pants!! You looked ridiculous!!! AAggh… I can’t believe you liked them…

    I would say to me “smile more” and “laugh a lot more!” Even when it doesn’t seem to be funny, later on you’ll think it was!!

   Go to the dentist. Get your teeth cleaned!! It matters. Oh, and floss!

   I would remind myself how important it is to be a generous person and how little it costs to give to others who need it, whether it’s money they need or the loan of a car, or a place to sleep for a while.

     Listen up, Me. No perms. EVER!!!

   I would surely write that taking care of my health is important and to watch out for those medicines I thought would help but later on carry a heavy cost physically. (Like that Prednisone I took for over a year many years ago.)

    I wish I could say to young me “Every time you go shopping without a purpose other than entertainment, you spend money that would, if saved, make a nice retirement fund instead. Dummy!! (Smack myself on the head.)

   I would say how important it is to spend time cuddling my children. I so wish I had done more of that, even though I was hugging them like crazy all the time.  It drove them nuts when they got to be teenagers but now I wish I hadn’t bothered to let that change things.

  Listen, Me, do your Kegels!!!

   And most of all I would tell myself to stay strong, that I could somehow be the mother I needed to be. My young self never felt she could do what needed to be done and it caused so much hurt. It’s the biggest regret of my life that I didn’t think I could handle being a single mother to two young sons without an  education and with no family. I wish I had said “tough it out”. 

So what would you write in a letter to yourself if you could?


12 comments on “Letter To Me

  1. Ooooh, some very good thoughts. Is there a story behind the “No perms” comment? I will try and do this, but right now the only thing I want to tell myself is; STEP AWAY from the puter and get some fresh air.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Mine starts right now!

  2. Great post. I think I might have to do a similar one in the near future, if I can ever get out of this no writing slump I’m in.

    One thing I would have told myself for sure would be not to quite my job at the prison. I should have stuck it out and not have given into the stress and pressure.

    OH! And I would have to me to marry my wife sooner. :mrgreen:

  3. Good thoughts. About your biggest regret… Did anything good come out of that decision? No regrets, lady. Things happen for a reason.

  4. Peter Parkour-
    Ah, a true romantic. I love that you would have married your wife sooner. When did you two meet and how long before someone popped the proverbial question?

    Good question, that one. “Did anything good come out of that decision?”
    As a matter of fact, the answer is complicated. I was reunited with my sons after 25 years and I have a terrific relationship with one and a wobbly one with the other. I feel blessed to have them in my life again, no matter what.
    I’m working on the “no regrets” thing. Thanks for your words. It helps.

  5. Betme-
    My mother insisted on giving me a perm every year right before school started while I was in elementary school. I was a frizz head every September for years! I can still smell that smell! Yuck!
    I also made a rash decision back in the late 70s to get a so-called “spiral perm”. Boy, did I look stupid.

  6. ha ha ha… my mom wouldn’t let me get a perm. I was the kiddo with long straight hair and no bangs, 2 days before 5th grade photos I cut my own bangs. Bad move…
    it’s so funny to think of all the things i would go back and change, but the things i think of right off the bat would have set my life in such a different path from what I’m on now.
    The one thing that I know I would change…if I knew in high school that I couldn’t get pregnant…I think I’d been a lot more promiscuous. OK maybe not, but it sure sounds like a lot more fun.

  7. Yeah, I came of age in the “Free Love” era. And yeah, it WAS fun. Lotta good that did me. I DID get preggers!
    I think I’m acting out my “yute” now that it’s safer to do so.

  8. No regrets mom. This kind of thinking can drive you mad. Would I be where I am had things not happened as they did? Most certainly not. I love my family (even my extended “bio-fam!”) and wouldn’t change a thing about my life now.

    …except maybe the back pain 🙂

  9. Thank you, Dobeman. I needed that comment tonight more than you know.
    I hope you feel better soon. It’s not fair that you have so much pain at so young an age. I wish there was something I could do.

  10. Great post! As my mom says, “You can’t change history.” You just have to make the most of what you have right now.

    But yeah, I would have engaged in a lot more “free love,” had I known how amazing it was. Youth is wasted on the young.

  11. Thanks, Moonbeam!

    Oh, it was grand, all that “free love” but a bit of a misnomer.
    Sometimes the cost was very high.
    Still and all……. ; )

    And Mom was wrong: see? “her-story”
    (how corny was that?)

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