Divorce Mediation– Sopranos Style

  My STBE (Soon-to-be-EX) is SOOO Italian. He’s originally from Brooklyn and where he comes from they sorta revere Tony Soprano.  “Ya know?”

 So much of this video hits home for me. The only big difference for me is that Carmela pretty much was an Italian-American Princess and I am so NOT!  She got to stay at home and I got to bust my butt. Big difference….

4 comments on “Divorce Mediation– Sopranos Style

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  2. oh hey…just stopping by to let ya know you need a little bling around here! I’ve got just what you need over at my place, a little award to display. Stop on over and grab it.

    PS. I have got to figure out how to add a video on my blog. I took a great one while out on vacation last week.

  3. Yeah, I don’t see Camilla inseminating a cow…manually.

    And anyway, HBO probably couldn’t have gotten away with showing that at any rate.

  4. Cowgalutah-
    Thanks SO much for the bling! Yes, it is a little bland around here and as soon as I figure out how to zip it up, I am surely gonna do so!

    Now that’s an episode of the Sopranos I would have watched: Mrs. S. down on the farm!! Too funny!

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