Let Me Say It Again… I’m F***ing Old

woman.gifpills.jpg  As a continuation of yesterday’s blog let me tell you about my day today. Oh, wait, I first have to tell you that last Friday I had my first bone density scan, called a Dexa scan. The ob/gyn said I really needed a baseline because I’m OLD!! Yeah, I turn 54 this April.   I am not celebrating.

         I got a call yesterday from the nurse at my doctor’s office saying doctor really needed to see me regarding the results of my test. ………That’s it. She wouldn’t tell me a damned thing more. I asked her “is there a problem?” She wouldn’t tell me. “I am not allowed to speak with you about that but the doctor will be happy to”.

      Happy?   F**k him.   Happy my ass, ok? Do I have bone cancer or something?

      I slept like shit last night.  I woke up after three hours and my brain is twitching ,wondering what the hell is next? Last week, let’s see;  the daughter had a head-on collision with a van and totalled her car,  my STBE (soon-to-be-ex) handed me his bullshit proposal,  my boyfriend is (rightfully so ) totally down in the dumps because he is having a hell of a time finding a job.  Hmm, yeah, this sounds really good.

        I got there at 9:00 A.M. for my appointment and he tells me my bone density scores are truly bad .  I have a T-score of -2.3 and a Z-score of  2.0.  Much worse in the spine than the thighs but I am at high risk for fractures, he says.   I said  “You’re shitting me, right? It can’t be that bad.”   He said “oh, yeah, it’s serious!”

       I do not fit the profile for severe osteopenia. I am a slightly overweight, short, athletic, non-smoker. BUT it turn out that the massive doses of steroids I took for my skin disease back in the 80s is most likely responsible. (I have Duhring’s Disease.)

      Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

      So I am now to take Evista daily, plus Caltrate twice a day, vitamin D,  B12, and a high dose multi-vitamin.

      Me, who never takes a pill and is damn proud of it.

      Shit.                         Could be worse, right?

8 comments on “Let Me Say It Again… I’m F***ing Old

  1. Mmmmm… Pills for breakfast. 😉 Could be much worse. The doc could have told you “the good news, you only have a week to live, the bad news, we’ve been trying to reach you all week”. 😛

    You got it goin on lady. Enjoy life. Could be worse. You could be like me, stuck in a truck all the time, watching life pass you by, or worse, hearing about it after the fact.

    Make the best of it, what ever life brings your way. There’s always gonna be crap to deal with. Just deal with it. 🙂 You gonna eat all those pills? 😉

  2. That’s the truth, my friend! And I DO know it , I just sometimes climb up on that pity potty and forget how good I’ve got it.

    I promise….no more whining about this issue.

    I can’t promise I won’t whimper about a few other things from time to time but this …no. At least until I get my hunchback. : )

  3. As an eternal pessimist, I hate it when people tell me to “look on the bright side” when I’m down in the dumps. Hey, you know there are great things about your life right? But I think everyone is entitled to a pity party every now and again.

    Go ahead, bitch and moan. If folks don’t want to read about it or hear it, so be it. It’s your life and more importantly, It’s your BLOG BABY!

  4. hey just visiting from Peter Parkour’s place…he really talks you up over at his place. 😉

    anyhow… great place you have here, I’ll have to add ya to my blogroll.

    as per your nurse calling and not giving you the results…welcome to my world, that is what I do all day long. The worst was calling an old friend from high school and making her an appt, knowing all the while that her cancer was back. I came home and cried my eyes out over that one. But enough about my life, this is your blog! Keep up the great work.

  5. Can the new rx cure you or just stop it from getting worse? I hope it can make it better both ways for you – it’s good that your OB/GYN told you to get this test and you found out before it got much worse. – BTW, you are NOT old. Keep repeating that to yourself 😉

  6. Dobeman- thanks for permission to whine occasionally. It sure feels good but that’s the problem; I could get really good at it !

    Thanks, my favorite blogger of all time!
    I love ya!

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