February Has 87 Days

 My head hurts like some dumb-ass teenager has cranked up the bass too loud and the speakers are thumping so hard my temples are ready to blow. My nose is pouring out so much snot that I need to have one hand constantly holding a tissue to my nostrils. I sneezed so much today my eyes feel like they’re ready to fall out.

I have a cold.

I walked out to the burn barrel carrying so much paper garbage I needed two hands to hold it all. Before I got there the wind blew a rope of snot out over the side of my face !

I wanted to work on cleaning out the attic but that’s not gonna happen.

I feel drained, physically and emotionally. My boyfriend didn’t get the job he interviewed for last week. He was so hopeful and really thought this time he had it but today he found out that they went with another applicant. He’s getting seriously depressed and I feel terrible knowing there’s nothing I can do to help (other than a BJ and since I’m here and not there, that cannot happen right now.)

 I hate February.

2 comments on “February Has 87 Days

  1. Have you seen this guy in the British quasi-spoof on Lethal Weapon, titled: Hot Fuzz ?

    It’s entertaining and this guy plays a bumbling cop. It’ll pass the time. I’m sure Daniel (HA! I found you!) has seen it.


  2. You certainly did find me.

    Be careful what you ask for …..(blush blush) ’cause I’m not going to edit knowing this….you’re a big boy!

    I personally have not seen the show in question but Daniel says “yes!” he has! He said “very funny!”

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