Ice Cold Memories

   my beautiful grandson-

      This old house of mine… ah, we have a love/hate relationship.  She’s OLD!  Built around 1845 old!   Right now I am hating her because she’s a cold and drafty bitch.  I know the spots where she’s  warmer though, like in the corner of the kitchen where the heating vent sends warm air near the floor by my feet first thing in the morning.   At least there’s that!

  My daughter’s old room in the upstairs northeasterly corner is the probably the coldest.   But for some truly cold space head to the attic.  I’ve been  trying to empty out the boxes and bags up there.  Every time I pull that ladder down and climb that rickety thing I prepare  myself for that  icey blast of cold.  I grab the nearest bag I come to (it’s only a crawl space) and fling it down the stairs to land with a thud on the hallway floor below.  Then I scurry back down and close the pull-down ladder.

     I don’t want to be doing this job.  I shouldn’t have to but it looks like the girls will never get around to it and if I end up having to put the house on the market  I want to be ready.  That attic is a mess!  The girls used to clean the crap from their rooms and shove things they wanted to keep-but-not-look-at into garbage bags and boxes.  This went on for years, including the college years.  The problem is that whenever they wanted something they had stored up there they didn’t know in which bag to look.  So they would rip open bags at random until they found what they were looking for.  Nothing was ever returned to the ripped open bags.  Mice found a cozy, safe home in many of them judging by the copious amounts of  little mousey turds up there.

    I found a whole box of Barbie dolls, a stack of their favorite read-aloud books from when they were small children, some FisherPrice toys (they never die!) and photos!!  OMG, the photos!   I hate that!  That means I have to go through them all, sort them out and make sure they’re handed out to the family member who might want them.   AAGH!

    I plan on burning a good large number of photos of ME because I was so FAT!  I look older in some of those shots than I do now!  No way am I letting those babies into fall into the wrong hands (by which I mean anyone’s!)  Lordy, did I actually wear those horrible glasses and how could I have gotten that awful spiral perm back in the late 70s?

     I figure at the rate I’m going I will be done by spring. 

   Meanwhile I have to get up at 3:30 tomorrow morning so I can be ready to go when my daughter picks me up at 4:00.  That’s A.M.!  I’m going along with her to Geisinger Hospital to be there when my almost-2-year-old grandson gets the tube removed from his tear duct.  It was put in place 6 months ago because his tear duct was clogged since birth.  It’s the one that drains the tears away so he always had this goopy, red eye until the tube was put in.  Hopefully it’s now dilated enough that when the tube is removed it will continue to drain properly.  The scary part is only that they have to put him under general anesthesia, always a little dangerous at this age but he came through the last time with no problems.

    I hope the snow holds off till we return.  The prediction is for afternoon snow accumulating 3-4 inches. Greeeaat…

2 comments on “Ice Cold Memories

  1. Twice now, in the middle of the friggin, cold night, I’ve had to venture into the attic to relight the pilot on the furnace. In both cases, it’d been sitting there sucking up cold air from the attic and blowing it into the upstairs whilst we all slept snug in our beds. Aargh!

    I think I have a bad thermocouple on that unit. Time to get handy!

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